How To Decorate with Tiki Bar Accessories

Tiki Bar AccessoriesSpice up your backyard with an outdoor tiki bar! There’s nothing quite like a tropical bar to take you away from your everyday life, and transfer you to a tropical paradise, all without having to travel to an expensive resort. Tiki bars and tiki bar accessories can provide that island escape just about anywhere.

Your outdoor bar can be just the way you want it, but what makes it a “tropical-styled” bar is the accessories that put it together and complete the look. Thatch is a common component to any tiki bar, as thatch is used in many, if not all tropical themed resorts. All you have to do is attach thatch panels to your roof and you’ll be good to go! Nothing can better encapsulate the tropical paradise like a well-decorated bar.

There are many types of accessories to choose from. And they range from signs, dolls to tiki masks. But whichever you choose, it’s important to stay within your theme. A good, well-done outdoor bar should have some tiki signs or masks and other such decorative items to make the place feel authentic. We recommend starting with a sign (with a good pun) by the bar entrance to welcome your guests. Tiki signs aren’t just limited to the bar entrance, they can be used behind the bar or by the bar stools.

Vintage surfboards are also popular around bars, as they add a personal touch to your very own tiki bar and it’s a definite conversation starter. You can also add cheap tiki torches by the bar to add light if you’re using the bar at night.

Tikis Masks and Statues are Token Tiki bar Accessories

Tiki masks, totems or statues are a must to any tropical themed bar. Tikis are the hallmark of Polynesian culture. Originally, they were hand-carved statues found in the Hawaiian Island. They take the shape of giant heads and represent the many Gods of Polynesian culture. Now, these statues have turned into a decorating phenomenon. Many people use them to decorate their home or outdoor space, and of course their bar.

A final accent touch to any “outdoor paradise” are tiki mugs. Pour your fruity, tropical drinks into these mugs to finish the day with the perfect representation of the Hawaiian Islands.

The proper tiki bar accessories can either make or break a tiki bar. So don’t be afraid to go the extra mile! Create your ideal paradise and wow your guests with our tiki party decorations.