Celebrate Summer's Last Stand with a Special Labor Day Discount!

Just as Memorial Day marks the beginning of the glory that is summer, so Labor Day marks the end. The three day weekend, the great weather and the excuse for long days out in the sun with friends, food and frozen cocktails construct the fabric of Labor Day Weekend. Make this one extra special with an end of summer party complete with BBQ, umbrella drinks and backyard games that are perfect for morning, noon or night.  Don't have fabulous outdoor furniture or the greatest grill?  Like us on Facebook for an exclusive Labor Day Discount!

Throw something extra special on the BBQ for the ultimate summer sendoff. Tri-tip, fish or Portobello mushrooms are all great alternatives to the typical hot dogs and hamburgers. Wrap some corn in tin foil for easy corn on the cob or cut up some zucchini and squash for a twist on traditional summer salads. Put all your favorite fixings on a skewer for kabobs that truly fit your style: vegetarian, meat only or an even blend of peppers, onions, tofu and the meat of your choice. With all these fixings, there is sure to be something for everyone! Beat the summer doldrums by cooking up a BBQ feast that is just your taste. Don’t have a BBQ yet? Our wide variety of styles and sizes are sure to suit your needs whether you need a full scale backyard entertainment unit, or simply a small grill suitable for a balcony or patio.  Finance your new outdoor accoutrements with ease by liking us on Facebook for a Labor Day Discount!

Once you have the food planned out, it’s time for drinks! For this end of summer bash, ditch the traditional beer and wine routine and make some concoctions that are worthy of summer. Mimosas and Hibiscus (champagne with cranberry juice) are always a hit earlier in the day while stronger cocktails like Sex on the Beach or Tequila Sunrise will keepthe party hopping through the night. If hard alcohol isn’t your thing, trade your usual lite beer for a Summer Ale; they won’t be on the shelves for much longer. For an added twist, pour a shot of lemonade in the bottom and then fill your glass with a lighter brew like Sam Adams Summer Ale.

Lastly, you will need a few activities to entertain your guests. Space permitting, get a game of Corntoss going; it’s a summertime favorite that is perfect for your front lawn, at the park or at the beach.  Don't have a perfect outdoor game yet?  Receive a Labor Day Party Planning Discount on our array of Backyard Games simply by liking us on Facebook!  Frisbee, baseball and volleyball are also great summer activities perfect for all ages and abilities. For a smaller space, get your friends involved in a competitive game of Celebrities, Taboo or even Dominos or Poker. Card games are great around a bonfire or fire pit at the end of the day.

So hopefully, you’re a little more inspired to throw that end of the summer bash you have been considering. Remember the keys to a successful party are good company, munchies, socially lubricating cocktails and plenty of ice and that a simple click of our Facebook "LIKE" button will earn you exclusive savings this Labor Day.  Cheers!

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