Where to Buy Bamboo Products for Your Home Garden


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Many start off searching for where to buy bamboo, or bamboo stores... We are the Nations #1 Tropical theme supplier in the United States! There isn’t another amazing company out there that prides itself on tropical theme and construction materials.

With so many bamboo options to choose from and provide you with it is important to evaluate the quality and pricing and that your supplier is offering you. You are looking for 100% customer service and product satisfaction!

Where to Buy Bamboo


Why have bamboo & thatch products become so widely popular throughout the United States since 2003? Becoming popular to construct buildings, bridges, fences, resorts, huts, and home renovations, as well as garden landscapes.

Well, for one, the growth of bamboo provides itself as a beautiful and endless resource. Bamboo can grow as fast as 1 meter a day! There is no doubt that bamboo is sustainable. Contributing in reducing the worlds carbon footprint. Bamboo does not require the use of harmful chemicals or fertilizers to assist in growth and is quickly becoming a modern and contemporary ambassador in design and renovations.

Bamboo is known to grow at rapid rates, attaining a full height of almost 100 feet within 3-5 years. A globally demanded resource that is eco-friendly and easy to replenish. The perfect product for the builder and family seeking to go green!

The essence of bamboo and the tropical touch of thatch roofing creates a memorable experience and beautiful memories of a tropical destination.

Where to Buy Bamboo Products?

Some popular naturally made products that help in creating that beautiful constructed tropical atmosphere include our bamboo fences, bamboo poles, bamboo slats, bamboo borders, bamboo matting, bamboo dividers and bamboo screens. If you're wondering where to buy bamboo products, look no further than Backyard X-Scapes. Shop online at Backyard X-Scapes for all your bamboo projects. We are the leader when it comes to pricing and quality for all your bamboo product needs.