Boost Your Bamboo Fencing with Wood Stain!

How To Choose the Right Wood Stain

Have you considered adding wood stain to your bamboo fencing? Bamboo fencing comes in two unstained colors: natural and natural black. Enhance the natural color of bamboo by adding a wood stain to it. We recommend that you use Total Wood Protectant (TWP)-Light Cedar for natural colored bamboo fencing. For black bamboo fencing we recommend Total Wood Protectant (TWP)- Dark Oak. These stains also help extend the life of your bamboo fencing with its unique formula. It helps protect your fencing against the harsh outside elements. Shield your bamboo from moisture and harmful UV rays that lead to discoloration.

Light Cedar is a fantastic colors that brings out the warm tan and yellows of your natural bamboo fencing. This wood stain penetrates the wood to create a gorgeous glossy look. For your black bamboo fencing, Dark Oak is the perfect stain. This darker stain brings out the subtle rich hues associated with black bamboo fencing. Black bamboo fencing is unique blend of colors: greens, brown, blacks. These harmonious shades make the perfect complementary backdrop for any homes, businesses, or resorts.

Before and after bamboo fencing

How To Stain Your Bamboo Fencing

Make sure the weather will be dry the next several days. Keep your fencing in an upright (vertical) position and use a stain or paint brush. Dip the brush into the wood stain, wipe off the excess amount, and apply it on your bamboo fencing. Apply the stain in an up-and-down motion making sure to apply it on all sides of the fencing. Allow your fencing to dry for a couple days. Apply more coats if you wish.