BOO-tify Your Backyard this Halloween.

Autumn not only brings in the crisp air and colorful leaves but also a string of holidays to follow.  Kicking off the fall season is a holiday that kids and adults can enjoy alike.  Halloween is the one day a year where ghoulish identities and sweet treats flood the streets once the sun has set.

This Halloween we're gonna give you tips to creating a Tropical Scare-ground that will have your visitors dying to stay!

A  Spell Binding Atmosphere

Creating atmosphere is one of the most important factors in throwing any get together or decorating for any themed event.  For a "Tropical Halloween", to start you want to think typical season colors such as Orange and Black, then expand upon that.  Bold colors such as Red, Yellow with touches of Brown can also create an appealing flow for your color scheme.

Have a wooden or chain fence that clashes with the nightly warm atmosphere?  Use bamboo fencing or thatch to line any surfaces.  The greatest thing is that the surface textures will be great for holding any cobweb accenting, or dangling lights.

You can also use decorative pottery to evaporate dry ice to create the effect of  a cauldron releasing smoke, or a dense fog along the ground.  Tiki statues have novel expressions which will help add character to any surrounding.

Got a Tiki Bar?  Use it to serve punch, candy or other bewitching treats.

Lighting the Dark

Although Halloween is about things that may go "boo" in the night, setting up ambient lighting can also create a haunting scare.  The classic carved pumpkin with tea light candles never goes out of style and always works well outdoors along walk ways, stair cases and in the lawn.

For indoor or outdoor dinner lighting, try picking up a standing candelabra to hold your candlesticks.  They not only create light off of the ground, but also have a Gothic appeal.

For those of you with kids or pets and are concerned about safety.  Many decorative party shops carry "faux" candles as well.


The last thread tying all these elements together is the entertainment.  There are many soundtracks out there that offer a tropical island spin to the typical Halloween music.  You can also do a twist on naming classic games such as bobbing for "brains (gummy candy or grapes)" instead of apples, Scare and Seek, or Pin the Tail on the Bat.

Having a table for group pumpkin carving, building a scarecrow or a zombie scavenger hunt is also another fun way to involve the kids and adults.

Whatever your spell book may have conjured up this Halloween, add some tropical flavor to your theme that will have guests tricking for treats.

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