Beautiful Spring & Summer Lighting and Matting

tiki torches and thatch tiki hut

With spring and summer coming up soon, start preparing your outdoor area for relaxation and entertaining! With the correct type of outdoor decor, your backyard can become a wonderful place to escape to! Matting contrasts nicely with spring and summer colors such as turquoise,  coral, red, yellow,  and white. It makes for a beautiful and subtle backdrop. Flickering candles and torches also create a warm and magical atmosphere.

tiki torch table top lampSummer Lighting

Flickering candles and torches create a magical warm glow during summer nights. Tiki torches are perfect for your outdoor gathering or romantic dinner. This outdoor decor is a great addition to warmer nights. Not only is it functional but serves as a beautiful design piece. Torches can come in a variety of materials and shapes. The hammered metal torches make a wonderful choice when it comes to decorating your backyard. Made from nickel, copper, brown patina, or red metal, these torches will fit into any design scheme. Die cast aluminum torches are another wonderful choice. Subtle and elegant, these torches are made with classic lines. These torches can also be placed table top. These decorative torches come in a variety of colors and are great for creating ambiance for outdoor parties.

synthetic viro mattingOutdoor Decor Matting

Matting is a great choice when it comes to outdoor decor design. Matting is usually made from eco-friendly dried leaves such as the Lauhala leaves. They are expertly woven together into unique patterns and designs. For a longer lasting matting, we also offer synthetic viro matting as well. Use matting to enhance your outdoor parties. Place matting as table runners for a refreshing and organic look. Feel free to cut matting into unique and individual place-mats. Because of its neutral colors, matting complements any design color scheme. For a more permanent design solution, coat the matting with resin so that it lasts longer while giving it a glossy sheen.

Next up on our outdoor decor series, we will be focusing on different types of statues!

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