Bamboo Wholesale

The options for what you can create with giant bamboo are endless! Whether you have plans to construct a home, roof, or plan to build a screen or fence, Backyard Xscapes is the place to find bamboo wholesale at some of the lowest prices available online. Strong yet beautiful, bamboo is the perfect material to use for a variety of different projects.

bamboo wholesale

Why should you use bamboo for your architectural project? One of the most practical reasons is that bamboo provides to have more compressive strength than wood or concrete. Bamboo is simply more aesthetically pleasing as well. Those hoping to create a Southeast Asian feel in their homes will find that a bamboo is one of the easiest ways to achieve this look. In fact, East Asia, you will see bamboo everywhere, as it is quite popular and holds economics and cultural significance in that part of the world. For smaller-scale projects, we recommend buying bamboo wholesale to construct everything from privacy screens to beds to chairs and other furniture and is even great to use as a garden trellis! Interior designers love bamboo for curtain rods or to use on the outside of a lampshade to give a modern twist to a regular, traditional design. If you enjoy a relatively challenging “do it yourself” project, bamboo is one of the easiest materials you can ever work with, and you don’t need to be a profession to figure it out.

Buying Bamboo Wholesale - Better Than Wood or Concrete Options

One reason why so many choose bamboo over wood or concrete options is because of the sustainability bamboo offers. No one wants to replace their fence or roof every few years after an especially harsh winter. Bamboo is an especially strong material and will allow you to enjoy your fencing or roofing for years after the initial construction. One reason why bamboo can withstand the test of time is because termites refuse to eat untreated bamboo – protecting your creation from the wrath of pesky termites.

Buying bamboo wholesale through Backyard Xscapes is a practical yet beautiful choice for your next project.