Bamboo Suppliers

If you are about to embark on a bamboo “do it yourself” project, you have come to the right place! Backyard Xscapes is one of the most reputable, favorited bamboo suppliers, as evidenced by our customers returning year after year for bamboo to use for all of their bamboo-related projects.

What projects do you have coming down the pipeline? Perhaps you are interested in constructing a bamboo fence or paneling for the inside of your home. Bamboo furniture is a great way to create a Southeast Asian vibe in the home or on your patio. You can construct rugs, chair mats, and stains that add charm and familiarity to your home. We are always surprised by the creative uses our customers conceive for bamboo. As one of the most popular bamboo suppliers, we have just about seen it all done!

Bamboo Suppliers

Why choose bamboo?

 Many folks are surprised to learn that bamboo has a higher tensile strength than even steel, which means that your bamboo fence or paneling will not disintegrate in rough weather conditions. Bamboo is also some of the most sustainable material used in construction as well. Interior designers, decorators, and architects simply grow tired of using the same materials to create the same, tired looks. Bamboo has the ability to turn a regular, drab, predictable space into a Southeast Asian oasis – just by adding a few bamboo pieces! Another consideration is that bamboo is quite lightweight, which is a bonus when moving bamboo furniture, chairs, and rugs. Pieces can be easily transported from place and to place with this lightweight, fuss-free material.

When it comes to bamboo suppliers, Backyard Xscapes ranks as one of the best

We simply are the best place to buy bamboo online... why? Our commitment to quality. We use the finest bamboo poles from China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Columbia. Our customers have gone on to use our bamboo in a variety of settings from theme parks to businesses to hotel resorts! We challenge you to find an easier way to create an island scene!