The Bamboo Store Story

Not just any bamboo shop!  Backyardxscapes Inc. prides itself in being the Nations #1 Tropical theme supplier.   The company specializes in the sale of a extensive selection of bamboo products and tropical themed backyard accessories for both homes and businesses.

The can brag as being one of the few if not, only tropical themed store of its kind in the world.  Offering a unique collection of tropical themed selections & material for larger resorts and attractions.

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Bamboo Products and Outdoor Living Products

Specializing in outdoor living products with an emphasis on tropical theme décor. This professional yet creative business includes everything from bamboo fencing & lumber, natural & synthetic roof thatching materials & surface materials for both interior and exterior use. They have two large locations, one in California and one in Florida.

The corporate office is located in San Diego, California and another large warehouse located in Garden Florida which is nestled in a suburb within Orlando.

The Florida location is a key state for distribution of their products that are delivered to the many popular local themed attractions that the company supplies.

The company is multifaceted with retail presence, commercial distribution, multiple ecommerce websites, Big Box customers, and key drop shipping accounts. So diverse in the product offerings that there not a single company that can match their distribution options.

Therefore, with so many available creative ways to use the world’s eco-friendliest and most sustainable natural resource. The company decided they were going to create and provide affordable and top quality imported bamboo poles, bamboo slats, great selection of bamboo fencing, borders, panels and an endless supply of tropical theme backyard landscaping additions for their clients.

Backyardxscapes Inc. purchases imports from countries around the world that include locations as Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico, South America, South Africa and the Philippines.

They will be in attendance at this year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo in Florida that attracts over 30,000 industry experts and professionals.

Not a just bamboo store and definitely not just a small bamboo shop!