Bamboo Poles For Sale

Backyard X-Scapes, Inc. has bamboo poles for sale.  Bamboo is made into strong, durable poles that are used in creating beautiful projects of various types.  Most Bamboo is nearly straight, yet, not all are guaranteed to be perfectly straight.  Our bamboo poles are grown and maintained from tropical jungles and exotic locations.  Each bamboo pole in length, size, and diameter varies.


Many species of bamboo have become existent in landscaping and colorful gardens to create a unique site. Many species of bamboo have become existent in landscaping and colorful gardens.

Bamboo is changing the world ecologically.  For years, it has been used for for architecture, projects and designs.  Again, bamboo is becoming popular with well-known architects and builders who are envisioning modern concepts, while implementing new construction techniques with bamboo.

The most popular are our Tonkin, Moso & Tre Gai, Guadua bamboo poles which are applied for use in commercial construction projects, umbrella architecture, art galleries, schools, Tiki Bars, DIY bamboo furniture, bamboo ceilings, the list is endless.

Bamboo Poles Can be Used for an Infinite Number of Creative Ppurposes.

It is the most widely used in American culture.  Mainly, due to its strength as a building material in construction in modern society.  It is converging as a modern and Eco-friendly wood-like plant that is inexpensive and reliable.  Top architects and designers are creating projects with bamboo, spotlighting the use of bamboo in contemporary architecture that supports efforts in off-setting industrial pollution.  A win-win situation!

Bamboo created bridge. Bamboo created bridge.

Today, when we see buildings created and built with bamboo, we immediately correlate it with the environment.  Bamboo is also becoming a part of projects around the world that are building and supplying huts and shelters for those without homes around the world.

Bamboo Poles for Sale - Imported and Shipped to Your Preferred Location

Our bamboo poles for sale are responsibly imported from Asia and South America, we are able to ship directly from our location in San Diego, California directly to our client's preferred location.

All of our bamboo products are 100% natural and come from the highest-quality bamboo.  

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