Bamboo Construction Material - New Age Uses

Bamboo construction material is becoming advantageous with builders because of the materials high weight-to-strength ratio. Research has proved that bamboo is a suitable replacement for timber and other favorite building materials industrially. Not only used for structural applications but also employed in non-structural applications.  Bamboo is an all-around adaptable material applied in many ways as such as creating rafters, flooring, walling, ceilings, rugs, covers, etc.

Bamboo Walling/Ceiling

Bamboo walls are quickly lined up using half-stemmed strips of bamboo. Modern designers use bamboo to create the stylish Zen themed decor for the home. Also, it can be installed both indoor and outdoors as a wall or fence with whole stems. For more international locales many residents use Bamboo construction material in earthquake prone areas because the odds of falling are less likely with bamboo. And if it does fall, it is easily fixable, taking less "manpower" than the heavier weight of timber.

Bamboo Construction Materials

Bamboo as Wall Covering

Bamboo paneling is used for wall covering, wainscot, and covering furniture. Wrap it around posts, create beautifully designed kitchen island front, backsplashes, bathroom wall or backsplash. Bamboo paneling is a cost-effective way to add tropical, zen, island vibes to the home

Note: Research shows that bamboo laid vertically is most durable versus horizontally.

Bamboo as Flooring 

Bamboo used as a flooring material because of its resistance to regular day wear and tear proves its resilience. Split bamboo, bamboo boards, pre-made mats are usually used to construct bamboo flooring. High-temperature technology is used to flatten boards from reed bamboo.

There are many examples of bamboo products such as containers, toys, furniture, flooring, paper, charcoal, musical instruments and even bicycles! For years, bamboo as a construction material has been common for building bridges, scaffolding, and housing, but in the United we use it for fencing, resorts, and designing.

Multiple tropical regions offer bamboo sufficiently cheap, and it meets the high need for economical housing.  #Bamboo construction. #Bamboo #Thatch