Bamboo Building Materials

Currently, there are studies being done to prepare bamboo building material to be tested for everyday construction use.  Professor Kent Harries, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh wants bamboo to meet standards for strength testing standards.  The belief is that if the bamboo plant is given an official set of measurements and standards, that it could put the resource into common use around the world.

In an interview on, Harries stated that, “If we standardize it, if we provide essential documentation for test methods which the engineers can hang their hat on, I don't like the word legitimize, but we bring the material into the mainstream,” he said.”

Bamboo Building Materials

Bamboo for Construction

Bamboo has proven itself as a resilient plant alternative to natural woods. Used in bamboo construction projects that include cafes, restaurants, modern homes, resorts, bars and common areas. Bamboo poles, bamboo fencing, bamboo panelling... it's all used in creating beautiful tropical pieces for your home or backyard.

Bamboo construction has been aimed in locations such as Haiti and Vietnam are helping to protect people caught in weathered conditions.  The use of bamboo construction is an affordable way to aid in humanitarian projects and reintroduce the use of bamboo into building designs that can also help with housing problems for the poor around the world.

Bamboo: The Remarkable Resource

Architect Vo Trong Nghia believes that bamboo building materials is the “green steel of the 21st century”. Bamboo continues to grow in popularity, not just in the landscaping and backyard design industry but also in the modern culture of architecture today.

The strength and resilience in bamboo makes it a remarkable product.  The beauty and peace bamboo brings into its surrounding makes this building material a must-have.