Artificial Thatch Roof - A Tropical Beauty

Adding tropical beauty to your landscape does not have to be expensive. Additionally, some folks are under the false assumption that an artificial thatch will look cheap or too fake for their commercial or residential dwellings. The artificial thatch roof from Backyard Xscapes proves to be the exception. More and more folks are experiencing the benefits of an artificial thatch roof compared with natural thatch. The appearance and relative ease in maintaining an artificial thatch roof is enough to convince you that this is your best option for roofing.

Why choose an artificial thatch roof? First of all, the artificial thatch roof does not rot or gather mold. Once you make the initial investment, you will not have to continue investing in order to maintain the roofing. The lifespan of your roof goes unmatched. An artificial thatch roof can easily withstand even the harshest weather if cared for properly. Affordable, long lasting, while still offering the authenticity of a real natural thatch roof, an artificial thatch roof is the only logical choice.

Artificial Thatch Roof

The Benefits of an Artificial Thatch Roof

One benefit of choosing artificial thatch roofing is that rodents and insects will likely stay away since they can’t find the reed, palm, and bamboo provided by natural thatch roofing. Artificial thatch roofing offers the same genuine, natural look but without the inconveniences of the ‘real thing.’

Thatch roofing is integral in setting the scene for an island-themed scene. It is the perfect choice for restaurants, playgrounds, and theme parks. They are not only protective, providing shade and cover on a hot summer day, but add to any relaxing island ambiance. An artificial thatch roof can set the tone for a number of different scenes – from island to African/desert.

Artificial thatch roofing is popular because it offers the functionality and authentic look of real thatching, but proves to last longer, upward of 20 years if cared for properly! We can proudly say that our artificial thatch roofing is eco-friendly and compatible with those striving for a green lifestyle.