8 Reasons You Should Use Bamboo Products

Bamboo products, which range from fencing to interior décor and clothing, are becoming more popular. If you have wondered whether there are any reasons why bamboo is an excellent option for your home and family, now is a great time to learn more about this versatile wood.

Bamboo Products

Totally Sustainable

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing types of wood in the world. It takes about four years to grow bamboo to maturity, compared to other types of trees which can take anywhere from ten to twenty years to reach maturity. As a renewable source for everything from clothing to hardwood flooring, bamboo is a material that takes fewer resources to grow.

More Productive

Bamboo is more productive for the environment because it can absorb up to thirty-five times the amount of carbon dioxide of a hardwood. More absorption, and more oxygen output, means that this simple plant helps keep the environment cleaner than other types of woods used in traditional home products.

No Additives

Bamboo is naturally resistant to pests and disease, which means that fewer chemicals are needed to grow ample amount of bamboo using methods that require little or no pesticides or fertilizers. With fewer chemicals introduced into the plant, you have a cleaner, greener bamboo product for your home.

Natural Wood Appeal

Bamboo has a light golden color that works well in a wide range of home décor themes. If you are looking for a natural wood, nothing can beat choosing a bamboo product. Bamboo can be stained, varnished or even painted as easily as other wood materials. You can even sand bamboo and refinish it just as easily as with any other natural wood product.


Bamboo products range from wood flooring to natural clothing and toys. Bamboo fencing and sticks are available if you prefer a totally natural look, or you can opt for finished bamboo that looks like traditional hardwood options. Bamboo furniture is another favorite that offers you a fun décor that can be incorporated into the theme of your home easily.

Low Maintenance

Bamboo is very easy to clean and maintain over time. Bamboo fencing simply needs to be cleaned and varnished, while bamboo flooring can simply be buffed to a shine. All you typically need to clean bamboo is warm water and a mild, eco-friendly cleaner, allowing you to continue your eco-friendly lifestyle even when you need to clean your outdoor furnishings.

Supporting Communities

The regions where bamboo grows naturally benefit from the purchase of bamboo products. Bamboo that is certified natural is the best option because you can feel good knowing that you have chosen an eco-friendly wood that didn't harm the local environment it was grown in. From simple interior design to total home renovations, you can support local communities by opting for a bamboo product.


Like other types of wood, your bamboo product will be durable enough to last for many years. A natural bamboo fence, for example, can last for up to twenty years when cared for properly. When you have to replace items less often, you support the environment by producing less waste. Opting for a certified bamboo product ensures you get the best quality wood for all your projects.

Whether you are designing a backyard oasis that allows you to escape for a while or you want to design a totally eco-friendly home from top to bottom, bamboo products are available to fit every need.

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