5 Ways to Use Bamboo Slats to Transform Your Living Space

Bamboo Slat FenceMany homeowners are looking for a great way to transform the look of their living space with ease, but they also want to create a space that is individualized to their unique sense of style. If you have been looking for an innovative and fresh way to update your space, you may consider how the use of bamboo slats can help you to achieve your goals. Bamboo slats are flat pieces of bamboo, and they can be ordered through Backyard X-Scapes in a wide range of colors. There are several ways that these panels can be used indoors as well as outdoors.


Bamboo Slats in Place of Wainscoting

bamboo panels kitchenWainscoting is a popular decorative feature, but the truth is that it can make a home look more formal or traditional than what you may prefer for your space. With bamboo slats used as wainscoting, however, you can incorporate a natural-looking material into the space with beautiful results. This material can be ordered in any color desired, or you can stain it according to your preference. This makes it easy to achieve the desired look in your home.

Outdoor Paneling

Likewise, you can also use bamboo panels as an outdoor paneling material. The paneling is designed to be durable and suitable for use in an outdoor environment. The panels can be used as outdoor walls in a living area or outdoor kitchen, as shade covers and for other features. The distinctive look of outdoor panels is ideal for many exterior uses.

Indoor or Outdoor Bars

Whether you want to install an indoor wet bar or a full outdoor palapa-style bar, bamboo slats can be used to give your bar area a natural, tropical feel. The material is designed to withstand considerable use as well as exposure to the elements, so it is perfect for use when constructing a new bar or renovating an existing bar area in your home.


Bamboo slats can also be used as a decorative ceiling covering. Updating the ceiling in an indoor room or an outdoor covered area with these slats can add considerable decorative appeal to the space. This is often viewed as a significant upgrade over drywall and other common ceiling materials.


Likewise, slats can also be used on top of roofs for exterior purposes. The bamboo panels can add a tropical yet rustic look to structures like palapa bars, gazebos, tiki huts and other structures outdoors. The material is charming in appearance, and it is also easy to maintain and care for over the years.

You can find a great selection of bamboo panels as well as other similar materials available to you through Backyard X-Scapes. This is a material that is beautiful by design and that is perfect for transforming the look of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Take time to browse through the different types of slats available to choose from, and consider incorporating other bamboo products from Backyard X-Scapes into your space as well. You will love the decorative appeal of bamboo in your home.

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