5 Ways to Use Bamboo Poles in You Home and Garden

If you are looking to give your indoor or outdoor space some Asian flare, bamboo can be a simple, and cost effective way to achieve your goal. Bamboo poles are durable, and versatile, making them ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Consider using bamboo pole as you begin your home make-over.

bamboo poles indoor bathroom

Bamboo Railing

If you are looking to spruce up your staircase or balcony, consider bamboo. Often wood or metal are used for these types of railings, but with a little outside the box thinking, bring on the bamboo. Installing railings using a bamboo pole can create a conversation piece for guests visiting your home, and can also bring a little of the outdoors to the inside. The strength of bamboo means that you don’t have to sacrificing safety for style either.

Patio roof

Many homes have a backyard slab or patio that was installed when the home was built. If the patio was left uncovered, scorching summer sun can make the patio off limits. Building a covered patio structure using a contractor can be expensive. There is a more affordable option. Set aside a weekend, and roll up your sleeves for a do it yourself project. Some strategically placed bamboo poles can create a support structure. Once your support structure is solidly in place, line up the bamboo poles side by side, and attach them together to create your roof. Begin enjoying your outdoor space again.


If you like to garden, many vegetables require supportive framework as they grow such as tomatoes or garden beans. Wire tomato cages can bend and buckle under the strain of a well growing plant with an abundance of fruit. Bamboo poles can be used to create a teepee like structure, or a trellis for other creeping plants. Since bamboo is a natural material, it will blend right into your garden landscape, and it is durable enough to support any plant.

Bamboo fencing

There are a number of different ways to make your own fencing using bamboo. If you have an existing fence such as a standard chain link fence, consider attaching to the existing framework to add some style and create privacy. If you are starting from scratch, and if style is more the issue than privacy, consider bamboo and rope. This will give a decidedly Asian flavor to any outdoor living space. Bamboo is extremely versatile, so be creative with your fencing plans.

Bamboo screens

Create a division of space indoors or outdoors by installing bamboo screens. Using only bamboo poles, wire, and a saw, you can create your own custom screen tailored to your specific space. Fit each bamboo pole as close to the next one as possible in order to ensure little to no gap between poles. This screen will not be watertight, but it will be able to provide some basic privacy.

Bamboo pole can be used for a number of indoor and outdoor projects. Enhance your living space, and start enjoying bamboo today.

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