5 Ways to Add Artificial Rocks to Your Home

Artificial Rocks are Great for any Gardens

Artificial rocks are the perfect addition to any home or business. Gardeners and homeowners that need a cover to hide unsightly garden eyesores turn to artificial rocks. This is a great method in creating a seamless landscape that looks very natural as well. Artificial rocks are very easy to install. They are lightweight and durable so this is a great DIY project. It comes in a vast selection of colors and sizes that can cover many flaws in your garden.

Artificial Rock

Cover Pool or Pond Equipment

Hide water pumps or any electrical posts and outlets, or other pool equipment that you try to hide in your garden. These beautiful rocks will blend into your landscape easily with its gorgeous hues. The fake rocks come in four different colors that mimic real rocks: Autumn Bluff, Fieldstone, Riverbed and Sandstone. The versatile look of these rocks will fit any pool design scheme. Hide unsightly pond filters with this fake rock for an attractive garden.

Address Rock

Some artificial rocks come with an address plaque attached to its face. This can especially be nifty when there is something to cover in front of the house such as an electrical post or outlet. This is also good for homes where the address number isn't as visible on the streets.

Say No to Flat Septic Lids or Tall Pressure Tanks

Hide those noticeable and ugly septic risers with a wider rock style. Add height and texture to areas that are flat. This difference in height adds interest and beauty to the garden. Conversely, tall pressure tanks stick out like a sore thumb that can be seen very easily. These can also be concealed from view with artificial rocks.

Organized Gardens

Artificial rocks also come as durable borders for your home. Line them up neatly or cluster them for a pleasing look. Hide garden equipment or materials for additional storage that looks natural. They are strong but lightweight which makes it very easy to move around. Edging blocks are perfect for lining borders around trees or creating a neat and tidy garden.

Goodbye to Ugly Pipes

Hide ugly pipes and valves with artificial rocks. Nothing quickly ruins gardens like a pipeline showing! Just like how it can come in sizes that are either tall or flat, the fake rocks can be either very wide or narrow in shape. No matter what type of garden eyesore you have, artificial rocks are essential pieces for creating the garden of your dreams.