5 Reasons to Use Fake Boulders to Enhance Your Yard

If you are landscaping your property, there are several important decisions to make. You may want to consider using fake boulders in place of natural rocks, for example, if you want a truly customized landscape design. Fake rocks can be integrated into any type of design just as easily as real rock, but have some advantages that are hard to beat.

Fake Boulder

Easily Movable

From shipping to you to placement on your property, fake boulders are lighter and easier to move than real rock. Faux boulders are made from lightweight materials that are easy to place once the fake boulder arrives at your home, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your lawns and gardens and less time trying to place your boulders in the perfect spot.

Customized Design

With a fake boulder, you have the option of choosing the exact shape and size that is right for your design. Whether you need a large, hollow boulder to hide an outdoor HVAC unit that is interfering with your landscaping or you want to add texture to a sloped hillside, there are options available that will fit into your design perfectly. You can choose from small rocks for garden beds to large boulders that look like an authentic rock.

Affordable Pricing

A fake boulder is an affordable option, especially when compared to the cost of moving and installing real boulders. You can find rocks in a wide range of prices, depending on the size and style that you need to complete your project.

Flexible Uses

From fake boulders that are designed to cover utility features, such as septic pipes, to fake rocks that are designed to form a flat pathway, there are dozens of shapes and sizes to choose from. Polyethylene, fiberglass and resin rocks are available. All of these options are available in insulated, which is ideal for covering water pipes, or uninsulated varieties to help you create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

Durable Design

The materials used to create fake boulders are durable enough to withstand the weather for many years to come. The materials that fake rocks are made from can withstand the elements, even if you live in a very sunny or rainy climate.

Real Appearance

It is difficult to tell the difference between a fake boulder and a real rock. If you are hesitant to use fake boulders because you think that they won't look authentic, you will be surprised to know that fake rocks are nearly identical to the real thing. You can choose colors that are found in nature and shapes and sizes that are very similar to rocks that were carved from millions of years of exposure to the elements. Fake rocks are the ideal solution when you want an option that is super easy to install and that will last for a long time.

A fake boulder can enhance the appearance of your lawns and gardens by helping you create an eye-catching design. The advantages of using fake rocks ensures your landscape design will last for many years and be easy to maintain over time.

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