Reed and Willow Products

In addition to our bamboo and thatch products, Backyard X-Scapes also carries a variety of reed and willow fencing which will elevate the space of any home or business. Reed and willow are both sustainable, affordable products with a unique natural appeal. Use them as privacy fencing in your backyard, patio or anywhere else on your property. Follow the links below for detailed product information, or contact our office to speak with a representative.

Reed and Willow Products

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Natural Willow Fencing

Willow fencing is durable and lightweight, and it boasts a dark brown color that combines class and rustic charm in equal measures. Our product is harvested in China and imported to the U.S., where it is inspected by our team to ensure quality before being sold. This product comes in 6' tall by 16' long segments for easy installation over an existing wire fence or alongside a wall. Willow fencing is suitable for use in most climates, and it requires little maintenance on an ongoing basis. 

Natural Reed Fencing

Freshwater reeds grow abundantly along lakes and rivers around the world. When harvested and woven into fencing, they make an attractive alternative to bamboo and thatch products — but it is equally sustainable and lightweight. Use our reed fencing for privacy, or to add a more natural touch to your backyard or other outdoor space. We sell reed fencing in 4' tall by 8' long segments, and 6' tall by 16' long rolls. Convenient 2-, 3- and 4-piece multipacks are available for larger renovation projects. 

Benefits of Reed and Willow Products

Reed and willow products are a great choice for indoor and outdoor use in both homes and businesses. Backyard X-Scapes customers love our products because:

  • They're fast and easy to install, and they require no special tools or additional assembly.
  • They add a sense of texture to what would otherwise be a plain fence or wall, instantly transforming the feel of a space.
  • They are affordable and durable — when one segment wears out, simply swap it for a new one.
  • They fit seamlessly over a wire or chain link fence, turning an eyesore into an attractive design element without a major renovation.
  • They are eco-friendly, making them a more sustainable alternative to conventional woods and plastics.

See for yourself the benefits of our products by purchasing natural reed fencing for your home. 

Your Source Online for Quality Reed and Willow Fencing

Backyard X-Scapes is the country's leading supplier of sustainable, natural fencing products. We are a supplier for many big box hardware and home reno stores, but we also sell our products direct to the public through our website. Shop online for the best pricing and fastest delivery to anywhere in the world. All items ship from our San Diego warehouse, where we keep an extensive in-stock inventory to reduce the risk of backorders and delays. 

Want to learn more? Call or email our office seven days a week for assistance from one of our experts.