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We, at Backyard X-Scapes have a great selection of bamboo stains for all your tropical themed bamboo products.

While it isn't necessary to stain your bamboo products it does come with some benefits. Stain protects your natural bamboo from mildew, mold, fungus, and the elements. Bamboo stain will generally prolong the life of your bamboo products.

We have a few different stains from which you can choose: Cabot's Australian Timber Oil in Honey Teak and Jarrah Brown, or Antico Total Wood Protectant in Light Cedar and Dark Oak.

Our Cabot's Australian Timber Oil is an unparalleled protective sealant. This combination of three oils brings out the color in your bamboo while adding a rich stain of your choosing. Cabot's Australian Timber Oil is water resistant, durable, and will protect your bamboo products and thatch from harmful UV rays that would otherwise result in fading.

Our Total Wood Protectant is a durable, long-lasting stain that is great for your bamboo. It discourages the growth of mold, fungus and mildew. It's water-resistant and its rich tone will highlight your bamboo's natural grain. You can also use Total Wood Protectant to get that high gloss finish you want. TWP protects your bamboo investment from potentially damaging UV rays that would otherwise result in fading.

If you've stained things before you're probably good to go but for those of you who haven’t we've compiled a few tips for you.

Thanks for trusting us, at Backyard X-Scapes, with all your home, office, and commercial, tropical-themed decorating and construction needs. We appreciate your loyalty and are always excited about seeing your latest tropical-themed projects.

So, when you have a minute connect with us on our Facebook page and post some photos of what you’ve been creating. And, if you’ve run out of things to stain, we suggest you check out our bamboo furniture page where you’re sure to find something new!