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What are bamboo slats? They all start with a solid bamboo pole. The pole is cut into sections and sanded which results in the bamboo being flat on one side. These slats can be easily installed by pre-drilling through the material. You can use our slats indoor, and out!

Our slats are of the same quality as all our bamboo products!

Color-wise choose: natural, carbonized, and natural burnt. Is it time for a fence a make-over? Would you like to create an exotic atmosphere at your tiki bar, or outdoor setting? Do your ceilings or load-bearing beams conflict with the ambiance you’d like to create? All these problems can be easily…and affordably…solved with our BAMBOO SLATS. Most of our styles are available in bundles of 25, or 50 affording you the right amount of material for any project! Offered in multiple widths and lengths. 

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Speaking of engaging…have your read our TOP 10 REASONS TO CHOOSE BAMBOO?

After you do you'll probably never even think about using another building material! Bamboo is a renewable energy source. It is durable, versatile, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and cost-effective. Interior decorators LOVE bamboo! But, you don't have to be an interior decorator to get exceptional results yourself. You can choose just one color, or combine several for a fun, eclectic look, and feel. We've got a great selection of Mahogany bamboo slats, and natural looking bamboo slats online.

TOP 10 WAYS TO USE BAMBOO SLATS: (drumroll, please)

  1. Wall Covering
  2. Counters
  3. As wainscoting
  4. Outdoor Paneling
  5. Indoor Wet-Bar
  6. Outdoor Palapa-Style Cabana
  7. Ceilings
  8. Roofs
  9. Chain link Fence
  10. Bow Building

We'll wrap this up with a few indisputable facts:

  1. Bamboo is widely recognized as one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.
  2. Every day, more, and more, individuals and business are turning to bamboo for its: aesthetic properties, ease-of-use, benefits, and affordability.

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Enjoy browsing through our website and join the ranks of intelligent, earth-conscious, creative souls who choose sustainability. Our bamboo slats hold up well outside despite the elements. Our BAMBOO SLATS may have variations in color…just like the vast color palette of nature! That’s part of what makes them so beautiful. If you haven't already, connect with us on Facebook. We'd LOVE to see photos of the awesome things you create with our BAMBOO PRODUCTS!