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Homeowners and businesses love bamboo slats for their affordability and versatility. These nifty flat bamboo strips make the perfect finishing touch for your tropical-themed space. Take a look at our selection of bamboo slats for sale and read on for more information about this decor element.

Why Choose Bamboo Slats?

Bamboo slats have plenty of benefits to offer you, including:

  • Island Beauty: Bamboo strips are a simple way to evoke the South Pacific in your environment. Use a few for accents, or use a lot to change your space's atmosphere completely.
  • Flexibility: You can decorate with bamboo in both interior and exterior spaces due to its resilience. Cut our bamboo strips into smaller sections to fit anywhere you want to attach it.
  • Convenience: No need to cut the bamboo poles yourself — we have you covered. Our slats come from organically-grown bamboo poles that have already gone through drying, preservation and bleaching processes.
  • Sustainability: Unlike resources like trees, bamboo quickly and consistently produces materials that you can easily recycle. Bamboo growers simply cut poles from the base to let the plants grow back.

Types of Bamboo Slats

Our flat bamboo strips come in packs of 25 or 50. We offer three colors: natural, black and mahogany. Natural bamboo slats come in the color that nature gave them, while black and mahogany slats are pre-stained in vibrant colors.

Bamboo Slat Applications

Thanks to their flatness and ease of use, you can use bamboo slats for:

  • Interior and exterior decorating
  • Furniture making
  • DIY projects and crafts
  • Decorative accents
  • Ceilings, walls and roofs
  • Fencing
  • Wainscoting

Bamboo slats work great for decorators of all skill levels. They attach with everyday materials like staples, glue and nails.

Improving Your Business Space With Bamboo Slats

Backyard X-Scapes serves businesses like theme parks, resorts, restaurants and more throughout the United States and worldwide. Bamboo strips help you beautify your tropical-themed commercial space with no impact on the environment. These examples can give you inspiration for getting the most out of bamboo slats for your business:

  • Cover a gazebo's ceiling or roof with bamboo slats to create an exotic escape for your guests and customers
  • Attach slats to existing bedside stands, counters, cabinets and shelves to make like-new furniture
  • Use multiple colors of bamboo slats and arrange them vertically as a baseboard
  • Turn a bar into a Tiki bar with a simple application of bamboo slats
  • Give fence or railing new life by covering it with bamboo slats
  • Add a natural look to a flat exterior concrete floor by overlaying bamboo slats

If you have an idea of your own but don't feel sure how to execute it with our products, contact us using our online form.

Your Source for Quality Bamboo Slats

What makes Backyard X-Scapes the nation's number one provider of tropical decor? We offer features that other businesses don't, such as:

  • One-on-one customer assistance seven days a week
  • East and West Coast locations for faster service
  • Quick, international shipping
  • An unparalleled selection of building materials and decor for your space

For more information, call one of our office numbers. Our highly-trained staff can lend a hand. Call our California office at (866) 222-1422, or contact the Florida location at (407) 347-9551.