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As the nation's number one provider of tropical decor, we offer everything you need to create a tropical paradise in your interior and exterior spaces. To finish off your projects built with our natural materials, you need a stain or sealant to expand your creation's lifespan. Read on to learn how to use a bamboo sealer and stain on your residential and commercial decor.

Why Choose Bamboo Stain?

On their own, bamboo products are already versatile and beautiful. But, why stop there? Bamboo stain enhances your natural building materials by:

  • Protecting It From Deterioration: Bamboo stain acts as a sealant that wards off mold, fungus and mildew. It also makes the material water-resistant and protects it against UV rays that can change its color.
  • Enhancing or Changing Its Natural Color: Our stains come in two shades that complement the tans, browns and yellows of your bamboo. Or, you can use a different-colored stain to alter its appearance.
  • Extending Its Lifespan: Thanks to its properties as a sealer, stain lets your original investment last longer.

Types of Bamboo Sealant and Stain

We offer Amteco Total Wood Protectant (TWP) stain in two colors: Dark Oak and Light Cedar. While Light Cedar complements the light tan shades in natural and guadua bamboo, Dark Oak suits the rich caramel browns in black bamboo.

Applying Bamboo Stain

When you apply stain to your materials, make sure it's clean and dry. You should also only use stain in an environment over 50° F when there's no chance of rain or the presence of heavy dew. Use an applicator like a brush, spray bottle, roller, pad or cloth to cover the material in a thin layer of stain. If desired, add another coat after the stain has dried for 48 hours.

How Businesses Can Use Bamboo Stain

Bamboo sealant is a wise investment that will make your business decor safer and longer-lasting. Apply it to:

  • Stair and deck railings
  • Fences
  • Pillars and columns
  • Dividers
  • Bamboo decor

When you use our bamboo products for your commercial space, give them a professional finish with our stain.

Your Source for Quality Bamboo Stain

Why do our customers consider Backyard X-Scapes their top choice in the tropical decor industry? We go the extra mile with:

  • Customer support available seven days a week
  • The most abundant selection of natural island decor and materials in the business
  • Offices on the East and West Coasts so we can provide top-notch services

Our enthusiastic staff always welcome questions from our residential and commercial customers. Complete our online contact form, or call one of our branches during hours of operation. Call the California office at (866) 222-1422 or the Florida office at (407) 347-9551.