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Customers from all sorts of backgrounds use our structural bamboo construction material to achieve their tropical visions — homeowners, vacation rental owners, construction workers, architects, interior decorators, designers and more. And they have a good reason to! Building with bamboo poles instead of conventional materials lets you take advantage of bamboo's sustainability and strength. Explore our structural bamboo for sale and keep reading for more information and inspiration.

Why Choose Structural Bamboo Poles?

When you use structural guadua poles for your projects, you get to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Natural Beauty: Guadua bamboo comes in natural, sun-kissed, golden tones that blend in flawlessly with organic decor. Use structural bamboo poles to enhance your space's tropical atmosphere.
  • Strong and Sturdy: Visionary builders and architects who value sustainable construction consider guadua their #1 choice in bamboo. Why? Guadua poles have earned the nickname "vegetal steel" because they have a tensile strength greater than steel.
  • Earth-Friendly: Bamboo is the ultimate renewable resource. It grows quickly and doesn't need to be killed when harvested, reducing our reliance on less renewable resources like wood and metal. You can also recycle bamboo materials.

Structural Guadua Pole Sizes

We sell two widths of structural bamboo poles — three-to-four inch and four-to-five inch. Due to the natural variances in bamboo poles, we provide diameter ranges instead of set measurements. But, every pole comes in a length of 10 feet, making it easy to use as-is or cut it down to your desired length.

Applications of Structural Guadua Bamboo Poles

Thanks to guadua bamboo's natural strength, beauty and versatility, you can use it for:

  • Exterior and interior structures
  • Furniture
  • Fences and dividers
  • Decorative accents
  • Crafts and DIY
  • Decor for interior and exterior spaces

No matter your skill level, you can employ guadua bamboo poles in a variety of projects and areas. They work on their own or as a complementary material.

Structural Bamboo for Businesses

Resorts, restaurants, theme parks, zoos, convention centers and many more businesses use our structural guadua to beautify their businesses. As an entrepreneur, you can, too. Consider these ideas as inspiration for turning your commercial space into an island paradise:

  • Use guadua poles as railing for bridges and decks
  • Place multiple structural bamboo upright as a divider between office spaces, lounge areas and dining booths
  • Attach guadua bamboo poles to a wall behind a reception desk to create an atmospheric background
  • Decorate columns and fences with guadua poles to give them a tropical look

Commercial buyers choose Backyard X-Scapes because of our vast selection and highly trained support staff. If you need more help figuring out how to use guadua poles for your business, contact us.

Your Source for Quality Structural Guadua Bamboo Poles

What sets Backyard X-Scapes apart from the rest? The answer is simple:

  • We offer customer support seven days a week
  • We have the most extensive inventory of natural building supplies and decor in the industry
  • We operate on both the West Coast and the East Coast for product availability and quick turnaround

You're always welcome to get in touch with us for help from our professionals. Leave us a message online, or call us during business hours. Phone our California office at (866) 222-1422 and our Florida office at (407) 347-9551.