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Are you thinking about building a whole new structure in your backyard? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We, at Backyard X-Scapes have the perfect building material for you – our structural guadua. Our natural, sustainable, recyclable guadua poles are guaranteed to instantly transform the look and feel of any environment.

Guadua bamboo poles are commonly considered the world’s strongest bamboo. Guadua poles have earned the name, “vegetal steel” because they have tensile strength greater than that of steel. If you are designing a structure that needs extra sturdy support, guadua poles are what you’re looking for.

You can use our thick, heavy duty, sturdy guadua poles in many ways. Use them to build a: fence, a deck, a bridge, an add-on to some preexisting structure, to enclose your patio, to expand your tiki bar, etc.

Our commercial guadua poles are available in several lengths. We have large slats for long fence posts, and tall poles for your gazebo. If you have any questions about which of our products will work best for you project call, or email us – we’re happy to help.

Our structural guadua poles are practical and beautiful. Their natural sun-kissed golden tones blend seamlessly with your outdoor nature areas. Our sturdy guadua poles are used by: homeowners, vacation rental owners, construction workers, architects, interior decorators, designers, and more. You can find our guadua poles in structures at places like: theme parks, resorts, restaurants, convention centers, and hotels.

It’s never been easier to transform part, or all, of your personal, or public spaces into a tropical paradise with a combination of our bamboo products. More, and more, people are opting to use bamboo as their go-to building material because of its numerous benefits. And, every time you say no to wood, another tree lives!

We, at Backyard X-Scapes, have all the solutions for your tropical theme building and decorative challenges. We carry the highest quality, commercial grade bamboo products available! You can choose from a selection of: full-rounds, split bamboo,   bamboo slats, solid bamboo, artificial bamboo, and eucalyptus poles. Each style has its own unique uses. All of our bamboo products can be incorporated in your projects in a variety of ways to help ensure that professional, finished look – even if building and design is not your forte.

Be sure to check out our other bamboo products. You can use them in combination with our natural bamboo splits. When you have a minute share some photos of your progress on our FB page. We’d love to see your imagination at work.

Trivia: Guadua is the #1 choice in bamboo by visionary builders and architects who specialize in sustainable construction.