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We, at Backyard X-Scapes, have a great selection of split bamboo poles for all your tropical building and decorative needs. You can feel like you’re on vacation every day of the year when you surround yourself with our bamboo products, natural thatch, artificial rocks, rope, netting, and bamboo furniture. Start turning your home, garden, backyard, or workplace into a natural tropical utopia with our bamboo products, today. It’s easy, cost-effective, fun – and good for the planet!

Our split bamboo half-rounds are practical and aesthetically pleasing. Their beautiful, natural, earthy tan tones will blend seamlessly into your outdoor areas, and inject a bit of island essence into your indoor spaces. Oh, the things you can do with our split bamboo poles is mindboggling! You can: apply them to flat surfaces to beautify walls, door, hallways, ceilings and counters. You can use them to make room dividers and wardrobe screens. You can use them in your kitchen in the space between the counter and your cabinets, to make water fountains, to make flutes and other musical instruments, or, to finish off the treehouse for the kids. You can use them to accent: stairways, walkways, pool areas, gardens, fences, and more!

Our natural, sustainable, recyclable split bamboo poles will instantly transform the look and feel of any environment. And best of all, research supports the strong connection between being close to nature and our mental and physical health. Creating a tropical themed paradise in your favorite frequented spaces really will have a positive impact on your well-being.

Bamboo is a user friendly building material. It’s never been easier to transform part, or all, of your personal, or public spaces with a combination of our bamboo products. More, and more, people are opting to use bamboo as their go-to building material because of its numerous benefits. And, every time you say no to wood, another tree lives!

You won’t need your chiropractor or ice pack after this project! There’s no heavy lifting required. Our bamboo splits are not only lightweight but they’re: practical, versatile, environmentally friendly, affordable, and durable. What more could one want from a building material?

Rest assured that we, at Backyard X-Scapes, have all the solutions for your tropical theme building and decorative challenges. We’re proud to say we offer only the highest quality, commercial grade bamboo products available! You can choose from a selection of: full-rounds, split bamboo, half-round bamboo poles, bamboo slats, structural bamboo, solid bamboo, artificial bamboo and eucalyptus poles. Each style has its own unique uses; all can be incorporated in your projects in a variety of ways to help ensure that professional, finished look – even if building and design is not your forte.

Be sure to check out our other bamboo products that you can use in combination with our natural bamboo splits. Post photos of your progress on our FB page. We’d love to see your imagination at work.

Trivia: Our bamboo splits are ideal for wall cladding. Wall cladding is simply the application of one material over another (in this case bamboo) to create a protective layer. This layer may act as a barrier to help mitigate the elements like: sun and wind. It is also commonly used for aesthetic purposes to give walls a much needed makeover.