Solid Bamboo

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Sizes available in:

  • -1.5 in D x 10ft L
  • -1.5 in D. x 12ft L
  • -1.5 in D x 8ft L
  • -2 in D x 10ft L

Where To Buy Solid Bamboo Poles

Congratulations! You’ve just stumbled upon the best solid bamboo poles you can find anywhere! Our solid bamboo poles are earth-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective building material. If you’re wondering what the difference is between “hollow” bamboo and “solid” bamboo, we’ll tell you. Generally speaking there are two main differences. “Solid” bamboo is really thick-walled bamboo and is most often used for construction and fabrication of: flooring, roofing, furniture, headboards, bed canopy frames, houses, etc. If you’re thinking about building a structure (maybe a tiki hut) then solid bamboo is what you’ll want to use.

Solid bamboo is one of the strongest, most versatile, sustainable building products available. It’s easy to work with, and is unlikely to split when using nails. If a split occurs it usually happens inside the bamboo and you may not even notice it.

Solid bamboo, or Tre-Gai bamboo, is a large and extremely strong building bamboo. The pronounced waviness and scarred surface gives it a unique, rustic appeal. Many people like this raw, au naturel look. Others prefer a more polished look. With a little elbow grease, some sandpaper, and a bit of varnish you can easily accomplish this.

All our bamboo products are user-friendly, durable, and lightweight, especially compared to traditional building materials. With a little imagination you can transform part, or all, of your personal, or public spaces, into pieces of paradise. More and more people are choosing sustainable bamboo products over other building materials, like wood for example, for both their simple and complex, home and business improvement projects.

You can rest assured that we, at Backyard X-Scapes, are committed to providing you with only the highest quality, commercial grade bamboo products available! You can choose from a selection of: full-rounds, split bamboo, bamboo slats, structural bamboo, solid bamboo, artificial bamboo and eucalyptus poles. Each style has its own unique uses. All can be utilized in a variety of ways. You don’t have to be a professional contractor to decorate and build with our bamboo products.

Trivia: Bamboo can grow up to 12" a day!

Tips for Using Bamboo: Avoid using nails with your bamboo. Pre-drill holes and screw, or glue, the bamboo into place. If you’re putting up fence posts your best natural building material is our rolled fencing. To prolong the life of your bamboo fencing, keep it off the ground. Cutting your bamboo is easy with a fine tooth hacksaw. Refresh your bamboo fencing annually with water sealant, oil stains, or varnish.