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Our environmentally friendly, full round bamboo poles are the perfect addition to your tropical themed environment. Whether you’re looking for simple embellishments to interject island flare into: dark corners, your flower or vegetable garden, around your water fountain or artificial rocks, our full round bamboo poles, in natural black or earthy golden tones, may be just what you need. Why wait until your next vacation to feel like you’re in paradise when you can turn your home, garden, backyard, or workplace into a natural utopia with our bamboo products? It’s easy, affordable and fun! Bamboo is a strong, durable renewable building material you can use to make anything from computer, or phone cases, to large scale commercial buildings, or bridges. You can accent: walls, hallways, stairways, walkways, pool areas, gardens, fences, and more!

You can purchase our full round bamboo poles in bulk and transform the ordinary into a tropical paradise. You can build bamboo gazebos, bamboo playhouses, a bamboo tool shed, and more using our poles. We carry a variety of natural and split bamboo sizes in different shades and sizes. Whether you opt for using just a few, or several bundles, of our full round bamboo poles you'll be amazed at how they instantly alter the look and feel of your space. You can look forward to years of relaxation in your new tropical-themed environment. After all, it's a lot easier to relax in paradise!

Bamboo is Earth Friendly

Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource. Bamboo tends to grow much faster than traditional timber woods. So when using this product you'll help aid in preserving the environment. When cutting down the bamboo, we cut from the base in order for the bamboo to regrow quickly in just 3 to 5 years. So you can feel comfortable knowing that we don't tear down rainforests when making our products. The thickness and density of our high-quality bamboo poles naturally augment the structural integrity of your self-designed projects. The durability and light weight of bamboo make it an excellent choice for your next backyard landscaping project.

Be sure to check out our other bamboo products. You can use these in combination with our extensive selection of bamboo poles. Building with bamboo is fun and we're confident you're going to enjoy your tropical themed construction project! When you're finished we'd love to see what you've created. Connect with us on FB and post your photos there! Your finished tropical design project may be just what's needed to inspire someone else who's on the proverbial bamboo fence!