Bamboo Poles

Don't wait until your next vacation to feel like you’re in paradise when you can turn your backyard into a natural utopia with our bamboo products? It's easy, affordable and fun!

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And, you can rest assured that we, at Backyard X-Scapes, are committed to providing you with only the highest quality, commercial grade bamboo products available! Our earth-friendly, sustainable decorative bamboo poles can be ordered by the bundle. They’re available in a variety of sizes, species, colors and conditions. You can choose from a selection of: full-rounds, split bamboo, bamboo slats, structural bamboo, solid bamboo, artificial bamboo and eucalyptus poles. Each style has its own unique uses; all can be incorporated in your projects in a variety of ways to help ensure that professional, finished look – even if building and design is not your forte.

You can buy bamboo poles in bulk and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! Build a bamboo gazebo, a bamboo playhouse for your kids, a bamboo toolshed, bar, bridge, or even a bamboo teepee! You can use them as anchors for your outdoor fencing, to panel entire walls, or, to finish off the construction of your tiki bar! Dare to go where no bamboo pole has been!

Whether you choose to use a few, or several bundles of them you’ll be amazed at how they instantly alter the feel of your space and catapult you into a better mood! After all, it’s a lot easier to relax in paradise.

Bamboo is VERY user friendly - Working with Bamboo Poles is Easy!

Bamboo is user friendly. It’s simple to transform part, or all, of your personal, or public spaces with a combination of our bamboo products. More and more people are opting to use bamboo over other building materials for both simple, and complex, projects.

The thickness and density of our high-quality wholesale bamboo poles naturally augments the structural integrity of your self-designed projects. The durability and light weight of bamboo makes it a most excellent choice for your next backyard landscaping project!

Bamboo Poles are Lightweight and Durable

No worries. You won’t need your chiropractor after this project! No heavy lifting required. Practical, versatile, environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable. What more could one want from a building material?

Be sure to check out our other bamboo products that you can use in combination with our extensive selection of bamboo poles for sale. Unleash your imagination and enjoy manifesting your most outlandish tropical paradise project. When you’re finished we’d love to see what you’ve created. Connect with us on FB and post your photos there! Your finished project may be just what’s needed to inspire someone else who’s on the proverbial bamboo fence!

Are you unsure of where to find bamboo poles for your latest DIY project? Backyard Xscapes is considered the Nation’s #1 Bamboo supplier, offering everything from bamboo products, thatch, artificial rocks, water foundations, and other tropical decors. Interior designers and landscapers consider us their “go-to” supplier when designing a space that needs that laidback, exotic, tropical feel. You will be amazed by what adding a few bamboo poles can do to a space, indoors or outdoors.

What can you do with a 10 ft bamboo pole?

Let us show you all the ways you can work this simple material and use it to completely transform a space. Bamboo poles can be tied together to create the ideal privacy screen for a bedroom or bathroom or can make a statement on their own or in a fair as a centerpiece in a clear vase. We’ve seen clients use bamboo outdoors to create a footbridge, a bamboo border fence that is practical yet also beautiful, or in the creation of beautiful brand new bamboo furniture. For the artist always on the move, constructing your own bamboo furniture is a wise idea, since the material is lightweight and easy to move from place to place!

When you think of bamboo poles, décor may or may not be on your mind. You may be surprised to learn that bamboo can be used to make rugs and chair mats, adding an original look that are not found in a lot of homes.

Bamboo Poles  - Full Rounds, Split Rounds, Bamboo Stats and Much More

We offer bamboo in full rounds, split bamboo, bamboo slats, solid bamboo, artificial bamboo, and eucalyptus poles. If you’re feeling ready for even a simple change to your home, bamboo makes the perfect accent to your walls, hallways, or stairwells. In your yard, you can add a touch of bamboo to your garden.

Bamboo is a refreshing and different material that you see in many homes and yards. We’ve seen wood and we’ve seen steel used over and over and over again. Adding bamboo to your home or yard is original, fresh, and best of all, it’s an easy to work with material!