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Bamboo Fencing is Affordable and Very Durable

It's a busy world out there. Depending upon where you live it’s possible that you feel as though your neighbors are right on top of you. Maybe there’s not a whole lot of space between your property and theirs. When you come home from your hectic day you want to retreat; have a bit of privacy without your neighbors intentionally, or unintentionally, gawking. We have a solution for you. Use some of our natural, recyclable, earth-friendly, rolled bamboo fencing! It will instantly create your very own secluded sanctuary. And remember, our bamboo fencing is versatile. Sure, you can use it as a fence, that’s obvious. But, there are a lot of unobvious uses for our natural bamboo fencing like: around your tiki-bar, on the walls in your home, in your vegetable garden, and so much more. Creative individuals, like you, are always inventing new ways to use it.

We are the largest distributor of bamboo fencing panels in the nation. We pride ourselves in supplying our customers with one of the largest selection of bamboo products. Our bamboo is harvested from southeast China, using only the finest Tonkin bamboo poles. The poles are woven together using galvanized steel coated wire, to ensure stability and durability.

The Durability of Natural Bamboo Fencing

Any bamboo structure is capable of withstanding more weight and pressure than tradition timber structures, due to its incredible strength and built. Even though bamboo is most often seen as a privacy fence, bamboo can be bent into shape to fit and border any shape or structure. Thus, making it easy for anyone to install and gives it a versatility in its usage. Bamboo is resistant to termites and other pests that affect traditional timber woods. To increase the lifespan of bamboo fences, we suggest coating the bamboo with a water-based bamboo stain to help keeps its color. We recommend staining your fence at least once a year.

The Natural Bamboo Fencing will give your outdoor space an eco-friendly vibe that you won’t want to turn down. Bamboo fencing is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and affordable. Bamboo fencing can be used along your already installed fence. If you have a chain-link fence simply tie the bamboo fence to the chain-link fence using cable ties. You can drill the fence to any other installation. For project inspiration, check out our photo gallery to see projects made from our customers.

Commercial/Wholesale and Shipping for all our Bamboo Fencing Products

We only offer the highest-quality tropical themed products at affordable prices. If you’re interested in wholesale/commercial orders please fill out our wholesale form. Before shipping a product we quality control all bamboo fences making sure that there isn’t anything wrong with them. We never ship broken bamboo. Typically, shipping and processing take up to two business days. But we try to ship your product out as soon as possible.