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Many people use wood and other standard materials as edging for their garden or landscape, but why not go the Earth-friendly route? Our bamboo borders and edging not only look unique, but they help the planet with every step of the production process. Installing a bamboo garden border or another project with our bamboo edging is a snap with our pre-assembled design.

Why Choose Bamboo Borders and Edging?

Why do our customers love our borders and edging? These products let them take advantage of their:

  • Island Beauty: Thanks to bamboo's standout appearance, you can use it to complement or create a tropical atmosphere in your space with little effort.
  • Affordability and Convenience: We put together the borders for you, so you don't have to cut or connect bamboo poles. This process eliminates the guesswork involved with buying the right amount of materials for your edging.
  • Sustainability: While hardwood can take 15 to 20 years to mature, bamboo takes three to four and grows back even faster. Our sources also use natural methods to sanitize and color our products — no toxic chemicals.

Our Selection of Bamboo Edging

All our bamboo borders come in sections that let you buy just one or multiple to put together. The pre-cut poles come in varying sizes for a dynamic look. Get your edging in natural or black bamboo. Both choices have no dyes or stains — the caramel brown hues in black bamboo come from the Phyllostachys Nigra species' original color.

Bamboo Border Applications

While customers typically use bamboo edging in gardening or landscaping, you can use it for all sorts of purposes. Since bamboo has such high versatility and durability, consider utilizing it in projects like:

  • Exterior pathways
  • Molding
  • Interior and exterior decorations
  • Furniture accents
  • Event decorations
  • And more

Bamboo stays strong in both interior and exterior conditions. Make it even more resilient with a bamboo stain or sealant like Amteco Total Wood Protectant (TWP).

How to Use Bamboo Edging and Borders for Your Business

Businesses like resorts, theme parks, zoos, golf courses, nurseries and more install bamboo edging to beautify and divide their spaces. Give your commercial space a tropical touch by:

  • Surrounding off-limits plants and other elements with edging. Bamboo borders subtly delineate areas, so you can close off a space or outline it with them to avoid unsightly alternatives.
  • Showing your guests and customers the way by lining a path with bamboo borders.
  • Decorating an interior space by attaching bamboo borders to baseboards, reception desks and other simple flat surfaces.

Our customer service staff has plenty of experience working with commercial buyers, so get in touch if you need advice or have questions.

Your Source for Quality Bamboo Edging

Backyard X-Scapes leads the American tropical decor industry thanks to our:

  • Convenient Locations: Find us on the West Coast and East Coast, where we can provide customer service and ship quickly to both sides of the country.
  • Unsurpassed Inventory: We have the biggest selection of tropical decor and materials in the business. In fact, many companies use us as a source for their own stock.
  • Dedication to the Environment: If we can sustainably source something we sell, we do it every step of the way. We use eco-friendly sources and processes wherever we can.

Need help with your shopping experience? Call our California branch at (866) 222-1422 and our Florida location at (407) 347-9551 for assistance from one of our friendly, knowledgable team members.