Artificial Rocks

Decorative artificial rocks, rock covers, backflow boxes, and rock accessories create unique enclosures for unsightly backyard eyesores. Our faux rock enclosures offer a unique solution to the difficult realities of landscaping. Add an artificial rock to your backyard for an affordable accent that will hide, cover or enclose just about anything.

Commercial & Wholesale Inquiries - Backyard X-Scapes

We, at Backyard X-scapes, have a large selection of artificial rocks for your indoor and outdoor nature spaces. Our fake rocks for sale are perfect for concealing and beautifying those necessary, but unattractive objects, like: centrifugal pumps, small pump systems, backflow assemblies, utility pedestals, satellite dishes, pumping systems, high profile septic/holding tank lids, pressure tanks, well assemblies, electrical transformers, pool filters and pump equipment, curb stops, outdoor electrical outlets, vent pipes, septic cleanouts, curb stops, well pipes, pressure vacuum breakers, septic risers, manhole lids, valve box lids, pond filters, aeration devices, cable boxes, and more!

We have a variety of authentic looking artificial rocks in several styles, sizes, and colors from which you can choose. Our decorative, artificial, large fake rocks are durable and realistic. They mimic the natural colors, shape and texture Mother Earth created. You can use our small rocks to hide things like light fixtures, medium rocks to hide things like pumps, and fake boulders to hide pool filters. If you have a unattractive, electrical feature you’d like hidden, no worries, we have the perfect artificial rock for you!

Landscaping with real rocks, stone and boulders is difficult. They’re heavy; expensive and awkward to move. Our decorative landscape boulders for garden are so much easier to move, easy to install, and cost-effective. And, they’re so realistic you’ll never notice that they’re hiding anything because they seamlessly blend into your landscape.

Our fake landscape boulders offer a unique, practical, aesthetically pleasing solution to the challenging aspects of landscaping. It’s easy to simply add one of our artificial rocks to your home, backyard, garden, pool area or commercial business. Our faux landscaping rocks instantly improving the appearance of your property.

If you have a vacation rental, or are selling a home, our fiberglass boulders are an easy solution to all your property improvement goals. Our landscape rocks are a clever, creative way to finish off the unfinished, eradicate the eyesores, and beautify the unbeautiful!

Based on all the positive feedback from our customers, no one will ever know your faux boulders aren’t real – unless you tell them. Your family, friends, guests and business associates will only notice how great your property looks! What size, shape, and color artificial boulder will solve your landscaping dilemma? Browse our selection of realistic-looking faux rocks - and pick your favorites! Order your faux rocks today and solve all those – what you previously considered - unsolvable problems. Improve, and complete, your landscaping with our perfectly sized, perfectly shaped, and perfectly colored, artificial landscape rocks. After a while, even you'll forget they’re not real! Check out our backflow boxes and rock accessories. Home- improvement has ever been easier than with us at, Backyard X-scapes – the nation’s #1 tropical theme supplier!