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Zulu Reed Thatch

The Exotic Look of Cape Reed With Greater Durability

This artificial reed thatch is a 100% recyclable and affordable roofing solution with both beautiful realism and rugged durability. Zulu Reed™ is made from safe and biodegradable polypropylene that simulates the exotic texture and rustic color of real reed roofs. Great for custom thatched structures like umbrellas, traditional African rondavels, patios, gazebos, tiki huts, and any other shade structure.

Zulu Reed is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and can be used both in homes and businesses.

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  1. Zulu Reed™ Starter Panel- Non Fire Rated
  2. Zulu Reed™ 3 Layer Sub-Panel- Non Fire Rated
  3. Zulu Reed™ Starter Panel- Class A Fire Rated
  4. Zulu Reed™ 3 Layer Sub-Panel- Class A Fire Rated
  5. Zulu Reed™ Umbrella Panel 1"W x 31"L x 19"H- Non Fire Rated
  6. Zulu Reed™ Umbrella Panel 1"W x 31"L x 19"H- Class A Fire Rated
  7. Zulu Reed™ Umbrella Panel 1.6"W x 31"L x 19"H- Non Fire Rated
  8. Zulu Reed™ Umbrella Panel 1.6"W x 31"L x 19"H- Class A Fire Rated
  9. Zulu Reed™ Top Cone 33"D -Non Fire Rated
  10. Zulu Reed™ Top Cone 33"D -Class A Fire Rated

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Realistic Synthetic Reed Roofing Thatch

Zulu Reed™ is a premium artificial thatch that replicates the natural structure, movement, and colors of the real cape reed used in traditional African style thatch-work roofs. The realistic simulated reeds on these panels are flexible, strong and long lasting. They've been layered and cut in order to best replicate the lush, exotic look expected for premium quality reed roofing.

A Great Fit For Your Custom Thatched Structure

Each Zulu Reed panel has a special, flexible banding that allows it to adjust to the roof design of your custom shade structure. The Art Thatch system has a variety of thatch tile types to suit any project, from our Umbrella Panels to our Top Cones.

Umbrella Reed Panels

This is the ideal solution for creating an attractive and long lasting reed umbrella. Our Zulu Reed™ Umbrella Thatch Panels come with built-in clips that easily snap onto metal canopies and are especially designed to work with our Umbrella Kit system. These panels can also be used on palapa roofs by simply snipping off the clips.

Solid and Open Beam Thatching Solution

Our Zulu Reed Starter Panels and Sub-panels turn any open beam or solid design roof into an exotic African-style structure. Install the Starter panels as a first layer to begin your lushly layered synthetic reed roof. Then fill out the look with the multi-tiered Sub-Panels, which have three layers of our premium simulated cape reed thatch.

Reed Top Cones

Use a Zulu Reed top cone to finish off a round palapa or one of our Art Thatch brand Umbrella Kits. These cones are layered with the same premium simulated reed used on the panels.

Affordable Artificial African Reed

The price difference between Zulu Reed™ and its natural counterpart is slim. But our synthetic Art Thatch solution pulls ahead in the price comparison when you account for the considerable savings in roof replacement and maintenance.

The very highest quality real reed thatch will only last for up to 7 years, and that only if your climate conditions are ideal. Zulu Reed thatched roofs, by contrast, have a sustainable life beyond 20 years in all climates. A major long term cost savings that really increases the value of this simulated roof reed.

Resists the Elements and Pests

Zulu Reed artificial thatch is impervious to damage from moisture, termites, birds, snakes and other common natural reed roofing pests. That's one of the significant advantages of switching to a simulated reed thatching system. This Art Thatch™ product also has UV protection that resists sun fading.

Your artificial African reed thatched roof will stay realistic looking and beautiful for an extended period beyond anything possible with natural cape reed.

20 Year Warranty

We are so confident is this superior synthetic reed roofing system that it is offered with a 20-year limited warranty. A great added value on your Zulu Reed thatching investment.

A Safe and Sustainable Synthetic

Zulu Reed artificial thatching is made from Polypropylene (PP), one of the most chemically neutral and safe plastics. Not only is water runoff from roofs thatched with this product safe for human health, sensitive water tables and marine environments, but it is also renewable and biodegradable.

Compare to PVC plastic thatch, which has a toxic life-cycle and complicated disposal.

Fire Rating Available

Backyard X-scapes offers Zulu Reed™ synthetic thatch products with Class A fire rating. Call for details about the availability of the fire rated version of this quality simulated reed roofing material.

We Can Help With Your Roofing Calculations

Call us for expert help with your critical roofing calculations. When deciding how much Zulu Reed™ panels your project will need there are several measurements and calculations that need to be made. We want to help make sure you get the right number of simulated reed panels for your custom thatching project. To determine the proper number of reed thatch panels needed you'll need to calculate based on roof slope, pitch, design, hips, and ridge lengths.

Our friendly and well trained staff have the expertise to help. Call to consult our thatch roofing experts by phone.

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