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"We used Baja artificial thatch to replace a less expensive "natural" thatch on our pool pump house and palapa roof.  The natural thatch lasted only 2 years of looking good, but we held out for 3 before replacing it.  Even on a three years replacement schedule for the less expensive natural thatch, the more expensive but much longer lasting thatch will be a big savings in the long run, and a lot less work!!!!   And it was so easy to install (easier than the natural thatch by far!) and looks fantastic.  We are very pleased with our purchase of Baja artificial thatch". ~Mike H.

"It looks real without the hassle of having to replace it every year.  Living in NJ we have had to deal with the expense and work of replacing the thatch every spring not to mention the weathering from the rain and snow.  The artificial thatch was easy to install and it is holding up wonderful through all the wind and rain we get.  No mildew or dark spots have appeared as we would normally see this time of year when we used real thatch.  I also included a picture of the bar the roof is covering so you see the whole set up and use of the thatch.  Notice the rope and net we also purchased from you.  Your products have made our back yard a vacation paradise for our family. Thank you so much for your beautiful products, they have improved the quality of our life and increased the value of our home".~Vicky H.

"This is the Zen Garden installation I just completed. Your Bamboo product was just the answer for my customers re-design. Thank You! and your staff!, for helping me. Your staff went out of their way to help me find the right size and color bamboo. My customer could'nt be happier with her new retreat. I'll be back for more next time around !!"~Bobby B.

"Your products aren't just for outside! We purchased 8 rolls of bamboo and used it in our son's nursery to create a jungle theme. We have gotten so many compliments on how amazing it turned out! Thanks!!" ~Trish H.

"The bamboo fencing that I purchased from you is the 8x8x1 fencing.  I attempted to purchase the fencing from various stores here inMichigan, with no success.  I went online and was delighted to find that your company had exactly the size and quality that I wanted.  I was a little hesitant to purchase online, sight unseen, but after talking with you, I was sold. As you can see from my photo, the bamboo fencing provides the finishing touch on my backyard water garden retreat". ~Rose C.

"We just recently built a new house and wanted to have a tiki theme around our pool.  We found your website online and the rest speaks for itself.  My first tiki house was a working shower i built next to our pool.  We have a little beach area and I figured I needed something for everyone to wash off in. My second was a little house to help cover up my AC unit on the side of my house. The third was another tiki house to cover out pool pump and filter. We have really enjoyed your products and look forward to more projects in the future". ~Jack B.

"We just finished our outdoor shower project using a 4X8 panel. It looks amazing & gives us just the right amount of privacy. Thanks for the great service". ~Lutz S.

"WOW, We had so much fun building our Tiki Bar... Your company was so helpful in ordering the right size and number of bamboo sticks that we needed. Perfect !!  We get so many complements on the bar... ( thanks to you". ~Sherri D.

"Labor Day, my girl friend and I were out working on installing our fencing we purchased from your company.  About a dozen people stopped to ask about the material and to say how much they liked the look of it (the bamboo). Thanks for the great pricing and service". ~Bud

"We used your products to build our own fabulous tiki bar in our backyard, using the tiki material as well the bamboo sheets for the tabletop and side walls. We think it turned out great - thanks for such a cool product!!!". ~Dave D.

"My family and I spent a lot of relaxing time under our gazebo this summer and we are still using it and enjoying it.   Last spring, I spent hours and hours on the Internet searching for a canvas replacement cover for my octagonal gazebo, with no luck.  That is, until I found your website.  Within minutes I had decided to try the 12 foot round thatched umbrella cover.  I placed my order online, someone called me within minutes to verify and ask me a few questions about shipping charges, and within a few days, I was lounging in my backyard paradise.  I did not put the cover over an umbrella and it has held up very well--I love how the sunlight filters through the thatched roof.  So many people have complimented us on this space.  I put a water feature in my gazebo and surrounded it with plants and it truly has been a peaceful escape for me this summer.  I am now thinking of building a pergola with bamboo poles next spring". ~Jane & David

"Received great products and exceptional service to get the supplies I needed for our portable tiki bar we took to Jimmy Buffett concert in Chicago Thanks to Back yard xscapes it was a great success." ~Jeff Schulz

 "The area where the Tiki Bar was made is located under the decking at a cottage. It sits back under and is somewhat protected from the elements: snow, rain, wind and sleet. I am located inIndianaand the bar is about 40' from the lake we are located on. We were limited on space so to put this in about 8' x 8' area was great. It has great storage, small fridge and a kegorator. The lighting at night sets it off. You can see we are still in need of some decorating, including bar stools but this is where the fun comes in as we travel to Fla  or if lucky, your shop spree.

I have actually had 3 or 4 contractors come over and check it out. One in particular wishes he would have had your sight for a bamboo remodel he just completed. This was my first attempt at a tile counter top and it worked out great.

There were no contacts for bamboo in my area. Finding you on line and talking with you was what I needed to bring bamboo toIndiana. When you are shopping we all like to see it first hand but I trusted your judgement and the material I received was as you described it and it was all used with very little waste. Your pricing was great but assistance in shipping made it even better.

Once people see the fencing framed in, get a beer and start looking at the bar a little closer, the item that everyone comments on is the use of the 3" bamboo for the arm rest. This was a challenge, to make it strong enough and to properly use the tapperd bamboo. Here again, you gave great assistance as we discussed the size and construction.

The only thing I did not do is use the sealer that you recommended. We are hoping that we will not need it because of where the bar is located. I did check the products out and agree with the one you rated as best.

Don't think we are done with the bar just because winter is coming. In fact you will get a toast as I watch the Colts and Chargers on the 32" screen you see in the pixs. given as an anniversary gift.

Cheers !, thanks again for all the help."~Joe and Deb

"At my Bed & Breakfast I took 6 ft. tall bamboo fencing and wrapped it around a 18 ft. diameter above ground swimming pool not only for privac and , to hide the pool steel sides, it made the pool look like a gigantic hottub.  The design has gone over very well with guests here at Glen Lake Guest House Bed & Breakfast inLeelanau County,Michigan. I never regretted spending the money on this project and appreciate your staffs great service". ~K. Morse-Hicks

"Thanks for the shipment.  Your company's service, all I can say is one word, excellent.  I have never been treated on such a "one on one" basis.  Your service is impeccable and you were very helpful and accommodating when I had questions.  I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to shopping with you again in the future.  Thanks for everything". ~ Mayra R.

"I have now placed 2 orders w/ your company, ordering Mexican thatch. Both orders were processed the same. The website made it  very easy to order, the thatch came in a few days, w/ the free shipping, which I have to say is great. You don't find many companies that ship heavier items for free. I was very pleased w/ the product, as it was exactlly what I had wanted. When speaking w/ your staff re-ordering the items, they were friendly and very helpful. Your product is being used for some staging in our annual Miss Buchanan pageant.  It is part of our main set. Your prices are great and reasonable compared to other sites  that I had looked at, for an identical item (Mexican thatch sheets). If I ever need more Tiki or thatch products, I definitely would come back and order from you. Thanks for the great products and service. Maureen Carr, Miss Buchanan, Inc. (chairperson- props). Fast service, wonderful product. I hid my ugly chain link fence with bamboo, and that weekend it stood up to 70mph wind gusts". ~ Debbie F.

"Thank You very much for going above and beyond helping me to get theBamboo fences this past summer. It made our backyard beautiful for our party. My experience was fantastic and the fact you delivered on such short notice and with the best price made the experience that much better. I would definitely use you in the future and would more than recommend you to others". ~ Lisa D.

"Here are the pictures of our bedroom some one requested as we used your fencing for our walls Hope you enjoy - we are rather pleased with the outcome and still have some things to complete but thought we would share now". ~ Karen and Doug F.



Making the gazebo housing the Jacuzzi more private from the neighbors while eliminating the wind factor, and blending in with the tropical Balinese Decor.


Using 2 x 4 raw lumber, we framed in a vintage stained glass window of a Lotus Flower and using a drop saw and 2" black drywall nails - we cut, pre-drilled and mounted the bamboo poles in a simple pattern on BOTH sides creating both privacy, but allowing air circulation with an open feel

I appreciated how quickly you shipped the bamboo fence ( we got it inLos Angelesthe next day ), and how satisfied I was with the color and quality of the bamboo itself. This project took myself and one assistant and about 8 hours to complete from start to finish. This low cost - quick fix solution could not have turned out better! I have already had requests to create a similar space for other customers. Please note that this property and project will be featured on a Gardening show in the near future. I hope that you are able to keep your bamboo products cost effective, as I am very glad that I found you on the internet." ~ Prentice L.

"We are very happy with our bamboo fencing.  Your website was easy to use, and the products were delivered quickly and easily to our doorstep.  We used the fencing to create a small Japanese garden on our back balcony.  Previously our balcony overlooked the building next door, which was not a nice view.  With the fencing, we created a more peaceful view and added a new “room” to our home". ~ Christy & Gaku S.

"I thought the company and the materials were great. Everything arrived promptly and my interaction with employees of the company was helpful and pleasant. The materials I bought were exactly what I thought it would be, in fact, the thatch I bought was actually better quality than I expected. However, I don't know if you want a testimonial or pictures from me, as I bought the fence to disassemble it and use the bamboo for a different project (I built a Tiki bar and decorated my house for a Tiki Party. Now that the party is over, I'll probably build a chair or something out of the Bamboo)." ~Gavin W. K.

"Bamboo fencing, used as a decorative wall and/or a privacy fence in northern states, appears to be a well-kept secret.  Those familiar with bamboo decorative fencing find that it adds warmth and charm to an outside setting through its natural beauty.  Being a plant, bamboo affords a lasting pleasant attractiveness, yet provides the concept of being "green". We are thrilled with our bamboo fencing, purchased from Backyard X-Scapes, and have just purchased more to enlarge our patio area. We have found Backyard X-Scapes to have very competitive pricing with excellent and timely service. "~ Richard L.

"I received my order today!!!  Wow you guys are the best.  I will recommend you everyone.  I really appreciate your speedy service and great products" ~ Peggy N.

"Well, the tiki bar is coming along but I still need some more materials.  By the way, I was inSan Diegolast week (from VA) and made it a point to stop at every tiki place in town.  You BY FAR had the best prices I have ever seen on Tikis!  Those other places should be ashamed at what they are charging!!" ~Anthony

" This is a thank you to Steve Raketich. I received the assorted bamboo package this morning and it is exactly what I had in mind to build my water project. I searched the web for exactly what without any results. The only selections was large quantities. I called my daughter inBeverlyHills who in turn contacted you and here I have what I need. My wife is Korean, I am satisfying here desires. I have built a nice waterfall, concrete water basins, purgolas, and now with this excellent bamboo I can continue with more yard decorations. Thanks to your quick response I will be ordering some of your bamboo fencing in the very near future.Thank you again." ~BlaineM.

"A few weeks ago I bought 6 Mexican thatch panels from a competitor, by mistake. I meant to order from Backyard X-Scapes, however I had saved more than one source in my favorites while I was researching and clicked on the wrong one when I ordered. They offered  48"x 48" thatch panels, but what I received was more like 48 x 38. The last 10" was so thin that it would not provide any cover. It was after receiving the panels that I realized I had ordered from the wrong vendor. So last week I ordered 12 panels from Backyard X-Scapes and Wow what a difference your panels provide a full 48"x 48" coverage, plus a little to spare, and it has a much nicer appearance and on top of it all,it cost less. Backyard X-Scapes provided a tracking # (the other guys did not) and they gave me a number to call if I had any questions or concerns. I will never do business with that competitor ever again.I will be back" ~Bob

I have already received a number of compliments. My neighbors will probably be calling you soon. Let's hear it for Chinese products that are actually desired/high quality. M. Mossler

"The fence is really extraordinary. I was also very happy with your product and your service and would recommend you without hesitation." M. Zebell

"It was a very good experience. Steve was very friendly and helpful. Thanks." N. Chipman

"The four tikis we ordered are fantastic. Excellent quality. The tiki photos on your web site are great, but don't them justice. We're in the process of having our yard landscaped, and the tikis are going to be an excellent addition.We appreciate the quick delivery service too!" ~George

"Fast service, wonderful product. I hid my ugly chain link fence with bamboo, and that weekend it stood up to 70 mph wind gusts. I'll send a picture ASAP. Thanks." D.Foley

"I was very happy with your service and your product. Thank you." R. Espinoza

"Your site made it very easy to order, the thatch came in a few days, w/ the free shipping, which I have to say is great. You don't find many companies that ship heavier items for free. I was very pleased w/ the product, and your staff was very friendly and helpful. Your prices are great and reasonable compared to other sites. If I ever need more Tiki or thatch products, I definitely would come back and order from you. Thanks for the great products and service." M. Carr

Just wanted to say thanks for the great tiki statutes, affordable prices, prompt service, and great packagaging. 
K. Scalise

"I was looking to redecorate my place for a long time but did not know how to do it. A friend of mine suggested me to visit backyard xscapes. 
So I went to the store and found that to be a great source to find anything you want for your backyard, landscape and even interior decor. 
Low prices and really nice staff". ~Elena

" This is an awesome place to look at and even shop. I signed up for their newsletters and they always have sales going on. The employee are extra friendly and helpful". ~Kim

"We are absolutely thrilled with your Viro Thatch in our tropical Hawaiian garden. For starters, it was very easy to install. Our handyman single-handedly completed the project in just over a half a day. Best of all, no one can tell it isn't real. Interestingly, even if you touch the thatch, the cat is still in the bag. Previously we were using natural thatch which had to be replaced every two to three years. Although your product is certainly not inexpensive, I'm sure in the long run, it will prove to be a great investment. Thank you once again." 

~Rev/Capt. Howie (Above Heaven's Gate Weddings)

We are very pleased with our entire project from the sand walkway and back for which your palapa product certainly sets it all off. Thanks again and we have already referred Backyard Escapes!!!
~Paul and Suzie Schuller

That Christmas coupon was awesome. Getting 20% off our fountain gave us more money to spend on the kids. Take care.
~Trisha Miller

Thank you for the BOGO pots. We needed to decorate our porch on a budget so it really helped. Liked the warehouse. Be back soon.
~Melanie Fields

We created our own paradise in Texas and you guys were extremely instrumental in the design process. We love our new fountain and the prices on your pots allowed us to really increase our plant layout. MUCH APPRECIATION!
~B. Malone

The backyard of the month contest is awesome. We won back in September and we loved using our coupon for decorating our patio. These types of things help homeowners especially in this economy.
~Tricia Marshall

Everyone at your company is so knowledgeable, personable and most importantly honest. Thank you so much for not just trying to sell me product, but actually helping me figure out what would work for my home.
~H. Dickens

Aloha! Growing up in Hawaii, I was shocked at the quality and authenticity of your products. Even better is that it feels good that I can decorate my home and support the use of eco-friendly products.
~ L. Madden

WONDERFUL!!! In a neighborhood of cookie cutter houses, your products make my backyard stand out. The bamboo fencing saved me so much money, instead of replacing the old fence, and the umbrella palapa makes the backyard such a relaxing place to be.
~ The Mossley Family

You guys shipped out so fast! I was worried that ordering something as big as the Tiki Bar would take forever to get here, but your rep said that you should ship asap, and it got here right in time for our backyard BBQ. I didn't think that one on one personal experience existed anymore, but you guys are great!
~ D. Taylor

Although your specialty is backyard decor, your pottery and garden statues look wonderful inside my home.
~ Sam

Your website is so easy to use and I'm so glad that when we called, your company actually had someone answer the phone. Our product specialist knew everything about the thatch and helped us create a custom palapa for our patio. P.S our fortune tiki statue sits right at the front door to hopefully bring in the good luck with everyone that comes in.
~ Bahama Dave and Betty

Thank you guys so much for helping our school create the set for our "Hawaiian" themed play, and keeping it under budget. The thatch and bamboo made the set look like an island getaway and the kids loved it. You guys deserve the apple!
~ Ms. Angie