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How Long Have Thatched Roofs Been In Use?

Check out the history of thatched roofs and how they have gone in and out of use over the years.


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Tropical Decor: The 5 Pieces You Need This Summer

tropical decor tiki bar sign

The Five Essential Tropical Decor Pieces

Kick your summer up a notch by adding some beautiful tropical decor! Choose from five key pieces such as tiki statues, tiki signs, bamboo signs, matting, and don’t forget tiki torches! With these gorgeous accessories, summer time will feel like a tropical oasis.

Tiki torches are a great addition to any home or business. Light up your summer evenings with ambient lighting. These tiki torches come in various heights and designs that will fit any yard or outdoor areas. These tiki torches come in beautiful hues of hammered metals. The sturdier material of the torches gives a luxe look and feel. The Kona color torches are a great if you need a subtle but elegant boost of lighting. The Nickel metal style tiki torch is a lighter metal color that is perfect if you wanted the torch to stand out. If you’re adventurous, a deep cranberry shade is another rich color that is sure to impress.

Matting is another subtle tropical decor piece that will give your area a chic island vibe. Add matting to table surfaces, bar fronts, or use it as textured wallpaper. These intricately patterned matting comes in various natural shades ranging from tan/yellow to a rich deep brown.

For a whimsical spin on tropical decor, tiki masks are great for a finishing touch to a tropical party or tiki bar. These fierce little guardians make a great conversation starter.

Tiki signs and bamboo signs are great for welcoming guests or designating areas. Greet family friends with “Aloha” or “Welcome” signs. Designate areas with signs saying “Tiki Bar”, “Bar Open”, or “Surfs Up”. These handcrafted signs can be hung on walls, entry-ways, on signs, or on bars.

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Why You Should Buy Thatch Roof Material from Backyard X-Scapes

Thatching is a time-honored practice that many civilizations around the world have been using for centuries. Through this practice, reeds, palm leaves or other types of vegetation are sewn or tied together, and the material then provides protection from the elements, privacy and other key benefits. It is most commonly found on the roofs of structures, but it also can be placed around certain areas of a yard to define spaces or simply to add beautiful décor to the space. Thatch is often used to create a tropical look to a space, and Backyard X-Scapes is the ideal place to purchase thatch for all of your needs.

Wide Range of Tropical Products

One of the key reasons why you want to buy thatch roof material from Backyard X-Scapes online is because of the wide range of tropical decor available to choose from. Through the website, you can browse through product descriptions and photos of runner rolls and panels in various sizes. Whether you need to purchase thatch roof material for use with an outdoor umbrella or cabana or for an A-frame style of structure, you can easily find the right runner rolls and panels that will make installation a breeze.

Competitive Prices

In addition to the incredible selection of thatch roof material available for purchase, you will also find that the panels and runner rolls are priced at a highly competitive price. While you want to update the look of your space with gorgeous thatching with a tropical theme, you understandably do not want to spend a fortune on this material. In addition to competitive everyday prices on high-quality products, you can also take advantage of discounts and special offers available on thatch from time to time. This is coupled with shipping savings on orders over $100. When you shop online with Backyard X-Scapes, you will be able to find the stylish, high-quality materials that you need at an affordable price.

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Tiki Torches: The Essential Summer Accessory

tropical decor tiki torches

Tiki torches are the essential accessories to a perfect summer gathering! Light up warm evenings with the beautiful ambiance of torches. Tiki torches come in many different designs that will suit any home or business.

Why use torches? Torches are subtle way to light up your outdoor space. The gorgeous flame will create a gorgeous glow that will warmly illuminate the area. For the summer months especially, these tiki torches will not overheat your area. Torches help create an oasis that homeowners strive for. Tiki torches will tie the entire look of a summer backyard  quickly.

tiki torches nickel metal

With a closer look at the types of tiki torches offered, you may decide which one would be ideal for your space. Update your area with luxurious hammered metal tiki torches. These tiki torches are a wonderful upgrade from woven tiki torches and longer lasting. It looks great in all types garden settings- not just tropical! The torches come in rich metal colors of copper and nickel. Copper has a warm bronze-y looks while the nickel has a more silver look to it. You can also pick out what kind of texture you would like for the torches. The tiki torches either come in a smooth or hammered texture. Additionally some designs come in more color options such as the cranberry- a deep, rich,  and red metal patina. Another beautiful and subtle option is the brown patina.

tiki torch table top lamp

Add tiki torches in clusters of twos or threes for a brighter effect. You can also use single torches spaced evenly for an all around lighting. The torches are generally up to 64″ in height which is tall enough to illuminate most areas. There are also tabletop torch options. Add these table torches to illuminate outdoor dinner parties. Also add them on pedestals , near fountains, pools, or on top of any surface where there needs to be light outside.

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Tropical Decor for Everyday Living

tropical decor tiki torch

With the warmer weather coming up soon, start getting ready to build or update your outdoor oasis! With beautiful outdoor and tropical decor pieces it is easy to decorate your place with that special finishing touch! Perfect for everyday decor or entertaining, tropical decor will create the tropical, beach-y, or relaxed look you always wanted in your space. Use tiki statues, tiki signs, bamboo signs, tiki torches, tiki bars, or even matting!


Tropical Decor Signs

Nothing protects your garden better than a tiki statue! This fierce guardian god is a wonderful enhancement for your backyard. Add him to entryways or among lush plants. Tiki signs are another great way to decorate your tiki bar, walls or party tables. This tropical decor comes in various styles and sayings. Welcome family and friends with floral accents such as the Hibiscus sign and Plumeria sign. They come with sayings such as “Aloha”, “Welcome”, “Happy Hour”, and other friendly words. Our tiki signs also come with Palm Tree decorations. This beautiful sign is subtle and natural in color that comes with many different types of sayings. The surfboard sign is another whimsical and beach life-style sign that will work perfectly for indoor and outdoor decor.


Tropical Decor Lighting

Nothing creates better ambiance than soft lit fire. Add tiki torches outside to create a tropical atmosphere. You can use the traditional tiki torches made from woven materials for a beach/tropical party. There are also gorgeous hammered or smooth metal tiki torches that can be used as elegant everyday lighting.


Tiki Bars and Matting

Kick up your backyard and gatherings a notch by adding your own tropical tiki bar. Decorate it further by adding special matting behind the wall or on top of the tables. Hang tiki signs greetings guest to “Happy Hour” or a friendly “Aloha”.

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