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Restore Your Bamboo to Its Original Color

Summertime is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting our outdoor space ready for entertaining. In the previous years, you may have purchased, built or installed a bamboo fence to add a tropical flare to your backyard. However, over the past season perhaps this once tan or cedar colored fence has weathered to a silvery gray and perhaps this new “worn in” color does not match your island themed perceptions. Not to worry, bamboo can be easily restored to close to its original color with a few quick steps.

First of all, it is not recommended to stain bamboo until at least after its first season of weathering. The waxy cellulose fibers that cover the cane do not absorb stains or seals very well; the stain requires a grittier texture to adhere to. If desired, you can sand new bamboo with sandpaper and then apply stain; use lower grit sandpaper for a more thorough application. After sanding, be sure to wipe the bamboo clean with a tack cloth or rag.
To stain, dip a rag or a sponge into the stain, seal or varnish and apply directly to the bamboo. Before the liquid dries on the bamboo, wipe it off with a clean rag. Allow the stain to dry and gently sand the surface to ready it for another staining. Repeat until the color is to your liking.

To avoid weathering you will need to repeat the sealing/waterproofing process up to annually. This will also protect against rotting, water damage and bug infestation. However, if you don’t mind the silvery gray weathered color, no maintenance is required for a bamboo fence to last multiple seasons – given correct installation and appropriate climate.

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How to Care for Your Tiki Statue

Extending from Polynesian culture, Tiki statues have a magical way of adding island flavor and charm to any tropical design.  Had crafted from authentic Coco Palm trees, each statue is made to represent and house different spirits to spread good luck, love, fortune and even protection.

Even though Tiki statues are durable and weather resistant their look can change as a result of the environment they are kept in.  Here are some helpful recommendations to help keep your Tiki in top condition.


Just like any organic wood, elements such as rain, snow and sun will alter how the surface of how your Tiki looks.  For areas with lots of rain, try placing your Tiki on top of a surface that does not house that much moisture, such as concrete or a stepping stone.  You can also apply a water sealant such as “CWF”, that will help in preserving your Tiki’s color, and also give it a deeper finish.

Constant sunlight may cause your statue to fade or dry out.  Mineral oils will not only help clean your Tiki but also prevent the surface from drying out and fading too much.


Because Tiki statues are hand carved, no two are alike.  Each variation in the Tiki statue contributes to what makes it unique.  If you wish to further accent certain details of your Tiki, you can use a propane torch to subtly flame the surface until you reach your desired darkening.  Remember that your Tiki is made of a wood, so it can burn.  If your Tiki does not have color, you can pick up a thick wood paint from any home improvement store.  This is where your creativity is free to explore.

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