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How to Decorate using Artificial Thatch

Artificial thatch is a cost-effective and beautiful alternative to natural thatch. At Backyard X-Scapes, we offer a variety of lush and gorgeous artificial thatch. There are several distinct types of thatch styles: Baja Palm and Zulu Reed from the Art Thatch line. These thatch are 100% recyclable and looks highly realistic.

Variety of Thatch Pieces

Artificial thatch comes in many parts that will work with any part of your thatch structure. Our Art Thatch pieces come in starter panels, umbrella panels, sub-panels, or top cones. These parts are essential for a beautiful and lush umbrella or palapa structure. Starter panels and sub-panels are great as roofing material. These panels need a base roof (no open spaces!) for a smooth and even finish. For open roofs or umbrellas, take a look at our umbrella panels. These artificial thatch panels add the perfect thickness and gives a plush look to your structure.

Our Artificial Thatch is 100% Recyclable

The artificial thatch we carry is 100% recyclable! Since they are artificial, they repel pests and organisms that rot and decay natural thatch. Because of this fact, artificial thatch has a much longer lifespan compared to natural thatch. The panels come with a 20 year warranty and is sturdy against water, wind, and dust particles. The fake thatch is made with polypropylene which is a 100% recyclable material. Other artificial thatch is made with PVC which is toxic and has harmful run-off which can contaminate the land and water.

Easy to Install and Affordable

Installing artificial thatch is a simple task. Our umbrella panels come with special built-in clips that allow for easy installation. Just clip it into place and your new breezy umbrella or palapa structure will be ready to go! If you have any questions about installation or questions about artificial thatch, feel free to give us a call. We are also available through our online website chat or email.

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COMING SOON: New Thatch Products!

New products will be gracing the pages of Backyard X-Scapes in the near future. Be on the lookout for our newest addition to our ever-expanding eco-friendly product line: Viro thatch. Viro is the “environmentally friendly all-weather wicker.” The first synthetic thatch in the world made entirely from 100% recyclable plastic, Viro thatch has a longer lifespan than traditional thatch and will not mold, rot, decay or shed.

Viro thatch was conceptualized with an exit strategy in mind, meaning that the production process was meant to be entirely sustainable from the beginning. Not only can the thatch panels be tossed into any standard recycling bin, but all the waste created during the production process goes back into constructing additional Viro products. HDPE, or high density polyethylene, is the greenest plastic on earth and is often used for plastic bottles and other non-toxic plastic containers. Due to its unique and sustainable production process, Viro Thatch is the only non-toxic thatch product on the market.

Viro thatch comes in three varieties: Bali Thatch, Java Thatch and African Reed Thatch. All three textures are used for different sized panels, umbrellas, bundles and eaves. The Bali Thatch combines smooth honey and light brown “leaves” to create a natural-looking thatch panel that resists fading, shedding, rotting and unwanted pests like insects, birds and mold. The textured Java Thatch blends yellows, browns and greens for an organic feel while the African Reed utilized long brown, terra cotta and olive green straw to achieve the look for authentic African Reed without the maintenance and hassle.

Keep an eye on our Viro Thatch tab to see all our new Viro products including ViroThatch, ViroReed, ViroUmbrella and ViroSurface coming soon! Viro products are 100% recyclable, sustainable and fire resistant. The only non-toxic thatch product on the market today, Viro thatch lasts longer and is more weather resistant than natural thatch. Viro works equally well for commercial and residential projects, so keep it in mind when you are ready to install a safe, eco-friendly and natural-looking thatch structure.

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Keeping Warm With Tropical Decor

Shown in picture (30in x 57in  Palm Thatch Runner Rolls Layed)

Tropical decor generally paints imagery of summer days and warmer temperatures, but what many don’t know is that items such as thatch and bamboo structures can actually help to keep your home or an area warmer during the cooler months.

Thatch in its many varying forms and though light weight, can actually withstand heavy winds, which help in deflecting those winds from hitting your home directly.  In addition to this, the layers of panels have natural insulation properties which can assist in keeping cold out and heat in.  Just like in the summer, thatch can also help to keep you cool by providing shade from the sun’s rays.

In addition to thatch, another strong, versatile and eco friendly building material you can use is Bamboo.  You can provide additional insulation by lining outside walls with Bamboo Fencing, while still providing your landscape with a tropical look.

Bamboo Rugs, can help keep your feet warm during the winter months and cool during the summer ones.  Place them on indoor tile or marble or even the outside concrete.  What makes them so functional is how low maintenance they are and how much value they provide for what you’re paying.

Winter doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the island flair alive.  The great thing about our products is that they are functional and aesthetically fitting all year round.

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Creating a Tropical Look Indoors

One of the most frequent questions we get asked on a daily basis is “can I use your tropical decor for indoors?”  Although our popular bamboo products, pottery and thatch items are built to be able to handle the outdoor environment, their function is just as versatile indoors.  Here are some tips on how to create that tropical flare to any room.

Color and Texture
In our past articles we’ve mentioned that one of the first things before decorating anything or anywhere, you want to establish a color scheme.  Since your aim is a tropical look, you will want natural tones that exist in items such as bamboo, thatch or bamboo rugs and contrast them with bright and bold island colors such as red, yellow, pinks and blues.  Keep in mind that this does not mean to use every bright color palette available, it’s best to select a couple and work in variations of each.  Flowers, pottery, and fountains have a magical way of adding color without being overbearing.  Items such as bamboo poles and slats can add texture by acting as moldings along your ceilings and floor.  You can even turn your entire room into one big Tiki hut, by lining a runner roll of thatch along the wall ceilings.

Remember that since you are using neutral tones in your bamboo and thatch, that you want to use a contrasting paint color for your walls.  Dark chocolate browns, blues and greens work wonderfully against neutral tones.

Accents and Details

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