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Easy Halloween Tricks and Treats

With Halloween less than a day away, there are probably a million and one things you still have to get done.  We recently posted an entry on “How to Boo-Tify Your Halloween Event” with ease and on a budget.  Now to pair with those activity and decorative tips and tricks, here are some wonderful easy recipe ideas to spook up your treat platter this Hallows Eve.

Brainy Melon

One of the things we wanted to emphasize on this Halloween is that yummy treats don’t always have to be unhealthy or packed with sugar.  For a visually batty and refreshing treat, pick up a mini watermelon and use pumpkin carving utensils to carve a brain.  Start by peeling the skin with a potato peeler, but leaving a good portion of the white layer so that when you begin carving the valleys of the brain, the red from the melon will show through and look like flesh.  To keep this melon as your centerpiece, buy a second melon to cut up and place on a platter with the main brain.

Cheesy Corn

There is no other candy that screams Halloween like candy corn.  Going off of the holiday treat, you can make bite size pizza slices that look like candy corn.  Most local grocery stores should carry frozen pizza dough that’s ready to bake.  You can achieve the color variation that candy corn has by using three different types of cheese such as, American, Cheddar, Mozzarella or even Ricotta.

A Graveyard of Bites to Die for

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