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Fourth of July is On It’s Way

First came Memorial Day, then Father’s Day and now Fourth of July is upon us. Summer just provides us with endless reasons to get together with friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors. With all these excuses to throw parties or host gatherings, isn’t it about time to jump on the summer bandwagon and start having some events of your own? Here are some tips to make your backyard a little more summer friendly.

First and foremost, no Fourth of July, or summer in general for that matter, is complete without a full-scale, no-holds-barred, caution-to-the-wind and burgers-on-the-grill outdoor barbeque. A grill is a great excuse to have people over as well as a fairly easy event to hold. Turn the party into a potluck to save some time and money and recruit one of your guests or significant other to fire up the grill (using only compliments, of course). Lastly, decorate with a couple of American flags or star-spangled confetti to get in the spirit and let the good times roll.

The ultimate in summer luxury starts in the islands and while most of us can’t afford to hop on the next plane to Aruba, there is no excuse to not have a little taste of the tropics everyday at home. A large but empty backyard can be magically transformed into your own tropical getaway with a Tiki bar and matching stools. There is no better time to debut a new piece of outdoor furniture than by inviting family and friends over for Fourth of July. Have your guests dress for the occasion in Hawaiian shirts and sandals or American-themed outfits or both, put some ice and cold drinks in a cooler and feel the instant gratification of a new party centerpiece.

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Happy Canada Day!

To all our Canadian followers, Backyard X-Scapes would like to wish you a very happy Canada Day. Eat, drink and be merry on this holiday as you celebrate the anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. Honor this day in traditional Canadian style by doing whatever you want! Canadians celebrate with everything from firework and air shows to citizenship ceremonies for new citizens. Choose your own style for kicking up your heels on July 1st or light up some tiki torches and celebrate island style. No matter what, spending time outdoors in these warm summer months is a good time waiting to happen.

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