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Earth Day is Friday!

Earth Day is Friday April 22. This holiday has been celebrated every year on this day since 1970 to raise awareness about the needs of the Earth we all share and the trials and tribulations we put it through on a daily basis. Do your part this year and celebrate the earth in a fun and proactive way. Stumped on how to actively participate? Here are some ideas and inspiration:

1. Plant a tree. Perhaps the most obvious of celebratory acts, this can be a fun activity for the family or as a moment of zen for yourself. If you don’t have a place in the yard for a tree, plant some flowers or something small outside or in a planter. Hanging or potted plants will add some life to the living room, kitchen or even to the office. Additionally, youre new plants will clean the air around them and the Mother Nature will thank you.

2. Turn Things Off. Perhaps this is the easiest of all Earth Day actions. Simply turn off the lights when you leave a room, turn off and unplug appliances when you’re done with them and turn off the heater or air conditioner when you’re not home. Take things a step further and install sensor lights or solar lighting to save valuable electricity and avoid jamming the power grid.

3. Enjoy the outdoors. Take the family on a nature hike or plan a picnic. Enjoying the outdoors will reinforce your commitment to it and remind you why it is important for all of us to protect it. Being outdoors will probably improve your overall mood and if you’re being active outside, you can get your workout out of the way too.

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