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Get Fit for Summer – 5 Tips to Stick to a Fitness Plan

Summer is exactly 3 months away. As we start getting our backyards and outdoor rooms ready for outdoor entertaining, we should seriously start considering getting ourselves ready for days spent in bikinis and nights in flirty summer dresses. Here are 5 tips for making a fitness plan, sticking to it and ensuring your body is as ready to go for summer as your backyard is:

Set specific goals. Take a measurement of your basic features (waist, hips, and chest) as well as weight, resting heart rate and how many pushups and sit ups you can do in 30 seconds and set out to improve these “stats.” Decide on an ultimate goal, but set up smaller ones along the way to make it seem less daunting and reward yourself for reaching them. For example, in an effort to improve your diet, try giving up buying coffee in the morning for a week and buying yourself a non-food treat with the money you save.
Create workouts you enjoy. Your exercise regimen will never be more than torture if you can’t stand the activities you’re doing. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get a good workout. Dancing, hiking, playing basketball, kayaking, surfing and playing wii all burn calories while you’re having fun. Grab a friend for a power walk around your neighborhood and chose a grassy spot to do some resistance training like sit ups and pushups or even join the kids at the playground. With the weather warming up for spring and summer, the outdoor opportunities are endless.

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