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Speaking the Green Language

Words, phrases and their meanings are constantly evolving and changing as cultures find new experiences they need to describe. The dawn of the “Green Revolution” and its effect on our lexicon is no different. As our society places increasing importance on efforts made to “go green”, our language has expanded to include this new priority. Here is a short guide to some new terms you may not be familiar with:

CRADLE TO CRADLE – a product whose production, use and disposal is considered efficient and waste free. That is, a product that is manufactured with environmental consideration, that does not produce carbon emissions and requires few if any natural resources to function and that can be recycled or composted at the end of its life.

ENERGY STAR – a certification for electronics and appliances based on rules and guidelines agreed upon by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy that denotes energy use efficiency. Energy star products save consumers money overall by using less energy while simultaneously conserving the earth’s natural resources.

GREEN LIVING – Committing to a lifestyle that takes responsibility for the environment. That is, making changes in one’s day to day living to ‘reduce, reuse or recycle’ thus making ones existence beneficial, or at least not harmful, to the planet as opposed to depleting the planet of natural resources, wasting resources or producing toxins into the environment.

PHANTOM POWER – also known as “Vampire Power.” Refers to electricity used by plugged-in appliances even when they are powered off.

UPCYCLE – the redesign of a product no longer considered useful to create something more valuable. For example, creating a blanket out of old T-shirts or using old greeting cards to create custom coasters.

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Get Your “Green Living” Resolution Back on Track

Hopefully, you are finishing up your spring cleaning and getting your house, backyard, body, mind and spirit ready for summer. But let’s not allow our forward-looking thinking attitude get ahead of our old New Year’s Resolution to live more “green” this year. Implement these three simple ways to save your health, electricity and gas.

1.) Save Your Health. If you wear your shoes in the house and allow your guests to, consider adopting a “no shoes inside” policy. Dirt and germs attached to bottom of your shoes gets tracked onto your clean, green carpet and floors. This means increased toxins in the air you breathe and on the ground on which you play. Plus, it means less time and effort spent vacuuming, mopping and sweeping.
2.) Save Electricity. Replace your old desktop computer with a compact little laptop. Laptops use less energy when they are plugged in and don’t have to be plugged in constantly. Remember that even when a device is off, if it is plugged in, it is still consuming electricity.
3.) Save Gas. Do you have stuff in your trunk you haven’t seen in over six months? Cleaning out your trunk and backseat will rid your car of unnecessary pounds, saving gas.

Use three simple tips to revamp your commitment to green living. Even if you have fallen out of the habit recently, even the smallest steps can get you back on track.

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