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Product Spotlight: Method

You may have seen the sleek, modern bottles of Method cleaning supplies on the shelves at major retailers like Target and grocery stores like Albertson’s or Ralphs. However, aside from their eco-chic design, you may not know the difference between Method and other so-called “green cleaners.” While many companies simply typically paste the term “green” in front of their product name or splash “made from post-consumer waste” on their bottles, Method has married truly green cleaning supplies with an obsession with sustainable packaging. Their latest conquest has been the production of a bottle made entirely of post-consumer recycled polyethylene plastic. The kicker? 25% of which is plastic recovered from the Pacific Ocean.

Method announced its new triumph in packaging on September 15th with government officials Lisa P. Jackson or the EPA and Karen Mills of the Small Business Administration. The officials declared the date “Method Day” in San Francisco to honor Method’s commitment to providing consumers with non-toxic, quality cleaning supplies while utilizing inspirational business practices. While Method is a pioneer in sustainable cleaning products and packaging, it is still a small business whose ingenuity and integrity is essential to the recovery of the American economy.

Method’s latest packaging innovation was inspired by co-owner and founder Adam Lowry’s latest trip to Hawaii’s Kahuku Beach on the island of Oahu. The remote island was littered with colorful plastic and other tangible pollutants deposited there by the swirling tides that created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The Patch lies just north of Hawaii and is roughly the size of Texas. Garbage from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch washes up on the shores of Hawaii constantly, so much so that certain beaches have been dubbed “collection beaches” where trash from all over the world accumulates. Lowry deduced that the only way to put the lid on plastic waste was to change the way it was produced. There is so much plastic on the planet already, there is no need to produce more virgin plastic. Hence, Method’s new bottles.

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