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Reasons You Should Add Fountains to Your Restaurant

Why you should have fountains for your restaurant

Adding  fountains to your restaurant can greatly enhance your business! With the explosion of Yelp and other social sharing services, it is highly beneficial to put your best look forward. Fantastic food is important, but in reviews, people also like ranking atmosphere and service. Creating a beautiful restaurant space creates a better experience for customers. Fountains can be used both indoor and outdoors depending on the style. Extremely versatile in size and styles, fountains are a great asset to your restaurant business.

1. Fountains Add Ambiance

Fountains creates a lasting impression that will bring back customers back over and over again. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but it create auditory stimulation and relaxation as well. Flowing water instantly creates a serene environment. The bubbling water also increases air movement around the area. This in turn lowers stress and relaxes the customer. Lowered stress means customers will enjoy the experience of your restaurant and it will turn into a positive environment for them.

2. Highly Customizable

Fountains come in variety of hues and textures. For some types you have the freedom to customize the type of material you want. Go for a marble look! Or how about a rustic stone style? Texture and color are quick ways to change the look and feel of your fountain. Different colors and textures can also bring out different accents to your restaurant.

Fountains come in a variety of sizing choices. Fountains can be small enough to be used on a counter or table. Wall fountains are the least obtrusive in space yet it creates a huge impact in design. Classic tiered fountains are great for restaurants with an outside patio area. Add floor fountains to the foyer or courtyard.

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Save on Fountains This Christmas for Truly Original Gift

The holiday shopping season is upon us! At Backyard X-Scapes, we want to ensure that you find the best deals on the gifts you’re looking for, whether they are for the special people in your life or for your own household. This holiday season we are running promotions on our high quality indoor fountains that are sure to brighten the atmosphere of any living space.

The retail price of all our 48” Gardenfall fountains has been reduced by $100. These gorgeous indoor fountains come in a variety of colors and backgrounds. Choose from bronze, stainless steel, copper or black frames and mirrored, bamboo etched or slate backdrops. The Gardenfall fountains can be used as mesmerizing focal points in any room or to create a natural soundtrack for any social gathering. Your guests will be transfixed by the beauty of water flowing down a smooth, glossy surface into the waiting rocks below while enjoying all the benefits water fountains add to the air quality of a room.

Fountains have been proven to add moisture to a dry atmosphere and are more mold resistant, energy efficient and visually appealing than humidifying machines that create the same overall effect. The Bellezza fountain combines an old world style frame with a smooth bronze background for a stunning visual effect. This fountain is lightweight for easy installation but is durable enough for either indoor or outdoor use. The retail price has been reduced to just $295, $100 off its original retail price.

Looking for the perfect combination Chirstmas and Housewarming gift? These unique tabletop fountains are priced to give: only $89 for either the Mini Moonshadow (pictured) or the Haiku Moon Tabletop fountain. These fountains are perfect for an outdoor dinner table or inside an apartment. Small, lightweight and versatile, our tabletop fountains make great gifts for any adult on your list.

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