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How To Avoid a Tepid Tailgate

Summer may be un officially over, but it doesn’t mean that life as we know it is over. Fall is here and that can only mean one thing: the start of the football season! With football comes flooding emotions, face painting, screaming, cheering and of course, tailgating! Since we’ve only seen one full weekend of football so far, doubtless, there have been a few tailgating mishaps and miscues in the parking lot. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them:

MISHAP: Running out of beer. Nothing ends the party sooner than running out of this tailgate essential. When planning a tailgate party, it is best to over buy things like beer and snacks. If you don’t eat them at the game, guaranteed you will consume them eventually. Things like drinks and chips will not go bad any time soon, so where you need to practice prudence is in buying meat and other things that spoil or will go bad when you leave them in the car.

MISHAP: Bringing too much stuff. Parties that host numerous people will naturally require more things. However, if there are only four of you, there is no need to bring your entire living room to the tailgate. Only take things you can pack up quickly; the worst is getting to the game late because your tailgate took too long to consolidate. Oftentimes in a parking lot full of fans, people are willing to share. So park next to those people with the giant TV, share some of you delicious nachos as a thank you and forgo the generator, tent and kitchen sink.

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