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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell those you care about that you love them. Oftentimes, we think that Valentine’s is just an excuse for Hallmark to sell cards, See’s to sell chocolate and the flower growers to sell bouquets. However, we can also think of it as a reminder. With our lives dictated evermore by Blackberries and constant pressure from our bosses, co-workers, kids, friends and family, it can be difficult to come up with the time to tell people you care. We can think of Valentine’s Day as a socially mandated love requirement. Rather than making it all about flowers and chocolate, make your Valentine’s Day about voicing your emotions to those you care about: it feels just as good to say it as it does to hear it.

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“Hard to Kill Plants” for Your Home and Garden

In our recent articles “How to Create Your Own Backyard Tropical Paradise” and “Decorating a Small Space” we discussed how plants add life, color and deep textures to a space or landscape. Just like in any design or landscaping project, planting and gardening also presents many challenges and elements to consider. The myth is that plants need only water and sunlight to survive, which depending on the light is very untrue. Many plants are more sensitive to their habitats than others. Nutrients, amount of sunlight, types of water, climate and pests are all factors that affect the health of your garden. Another aspect is that many new home owners or residents in studios or apartments may not have a “green thumb” or know the basics on how to care for plants.

All of these factors often leave people thinking that they are unlucky with plants or do not have the time and patience to tend to them, when it could just be inadequate sunlight or improper climate for the particular plant they are raising. There are many plants for the home and garden that are classified as “hard to kill”, “low maintenance” or “easy plants”. These plants are often of the toughest species that are durable and can endure varying climate changes, sporadic watering, and even lack of sunlight. The following plants can help bloom life into your home and garden and still survive on days where you may be occupied with other tasks.

Baby’s Breath
Often dried for potpourri or used to accent bouquets of flowers, these small white flowers can handle sunny conditions and dry to even sandy soil. When planted with other greenery or in bunches, the white clusters of flowers add quite the delicate accent.



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