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5 Reasons to Go Green With Bamboo

It’s nearly impossible to not hear about going green, the 3 Rs (reduce reuse recycle) and the infinite ways in which you can help the planet.  For your next home decorating or landscaping project, we wanted to give you 5 reasons why we are buzzing about Bamboo and what makes it so great!

1) Bamboo is STRONG
Different species of bamboo are stronger than oak, harder than cedar and have the tensional strength comparable to steel.  By purchasing bamboo, you’re getting a quality building material at a fraction of the cost, and is also incredibly versatile.

2) Bamboo is GREEN
Being that bamboo is not a woody tree but in fact a weed like grass, it grows at an incredibly fast rate.  Unlike traditional trees that can take years or decades to grow, Bamboo can be grown and harvested at a much quicker rate.  It’s a renewable resource that serves as an alternative material that can be used for an infinite number of possibilities for goods.

3)Bamboo is VERSATILE
From sheets to cutting boards, fencing, tiki bars, furniture and so much more, Bamboo is being used world wide in various types of production.  You can even customize your own building project with rolls of fencing or individual poles.

4)Bamboo is AFFORDABLE
Let’s face it, economic times have not been at their greatest in the past few years and investing in upgrading your home or landscape can be a hefty investment.  Bamboo offers an affordable way to instantly give your home and garden that tropical or zen revival.  Replacing a wall or fencing around your yard can also be quite expensive but at times necessary if you’re looking to sell your home or are required by home associations;  Bamboo fencing can offer a cost effective and easy solution.

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How to Clean Your Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence Zen Garden

What makes Bamboo Fencing so popular is it’s versatility and low maintenance.  Despite how easy it is to utilize and care for bamboo fencing, since it is a natural material, there are still things you should periodically do to ensure the life and look of your bamboo.

To prevent molding on your bamboo we always suggest keeping it from being submerged in wet ground.  If you live in an area with frequent rain or if your grounds are constantly wet from a sprinkler system, we suggest placing a spacer of some sort between the actual bamboo fence and the ground.

To remove dirt and some stains, you can use a mild detergent and water to clean your fence.  Once a year, or depending on need, you can use a pressurized spray to remove any caked on debris.  Once your bamboo fence is dry, it is recommended that you use a waterproofing sealant.  Depending on your climate, you can re-apply this sealant once or twice a year, this will also help maintain the color of your bamboo.  Remember that certain colors such as Mahogany, are more prone to fading than the natural color.

Remember that can also paint or stain your bamboo.  You can do this by first sanding the natural coating, then applying your stain/color of choice.  After you reach the desired color, and your bamboo is dry, you can apply the sealant.

Some solutions to getting rid of mold on your bamboo are using either vinegar or a fungicide spray on  your fence.  It is important to ensure that the mold is gone and that your fence is dry before applying sealant.

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