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5 Activities to Do with Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day has officially snuck up on us. For those of you who still don’t know, Father’s Day is this Sunday the 20th. Caught off guard? Here are some great activities to do with Dad to let him know you care; he doesn’t even have to know the plan was last minute.

Parents spend countless hours and untold amounts of money documenting all our childhood milestones yet never seem to find the time to enjoy them after the fact. Take this Father’s Day as an opportunity to break out the family photo albums or home videos. Dad will appreciate a relaxing day on the couch with his most loved ones reminiscing about all the good times you’ve had together while simultaneously creating a new memory.


We all remember the numerous hours Dad has spent building, fixing, maintaining and securing all of our various tree houses, swing sets and other toys. Give him a break this Sunday and be his handyman (or woman) for a change. Keeping your skill level in mind, mow the lawn, do the dishes, sweep the patio or even change the oil in his car. He will love having the extra free time to do what he wants to do this weekend.


If Dad is the outdoorsy type, get the whole family in the yard or to a park and have a full scale water fight. Gather all the water accessories at your disposal: water balloons, water guns, hoses, even buckets or sponges and get soaked! You could even mix the fun with something productive like washing the car in your driveway. Either way, it’s a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon together, especially as the warm summer temperatures set in.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With father’s day right around the corner, Sunday June 21st, coming up with gift ideas may often leave many of us in a blur. What makes shopping for father’s day simple and easy is taking into account that summer is now upon us, and gifts for the backyard are the ones that keep on giving. Items such as outdoor furnishings, BBQ accessories and outdoor bars are not only excellent gifts for Dad, but also provide use, entertainment and activities between friends and loved ones.

Here are Backyard X-Scapes top five gift for dad ideas this year.

5) Gardenfall Water Feature Waterfall

The Gardenfall waterfall is classically beautiful and blends seamlessly in a home, office or outdoor setting.The contemporary design and soothing water sounds create a relaxing ambiance, with aesthetically unique reflections mirrored from behind the water.In case you are unsure of the design of Dad’s home or office, the black framing makes it easier to coordinate and be more versatile with any décor.

4) Tiki Statues


Celebrating tropical and island culture, Tiki Statues are a fun and interesting way to decorate any space. Coming in various sizes and styles, there are Tiki statues to help promote and enhance Love, Luck, Fortune and Strength. Each Tiki Statue is authentically hand carved and coated with a Spar Varnish to keep it waterproof and resistant to light.What make Tiki statues interesting conversation pieces are the history behind them, their distinguished expressions, and meaningful charm to each kind.

3) BBQ Double Side Burner


If dad already has a BBQ island or grill, this double side burner would be the perfect accessory.Each burner is equipped with its own adjusting knob to control the heat individually, is encased completely in stainless steel, and enclosed by a durable lid.This way while the grill is going, you can also have items frying or boiling on the side.

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