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Celebrate Summer’s Last Stand with a Special Labor Day Discount!

Just as Memorial Day marks the beginning of the glory that is summer, so Labor Day marks the end. The three day weekend, the great weather and the excuse for long days out in the sun with friends, food and frozen cocktails construct the fabric of Labor Day Weekend. Make this one extra special with an end of summer party complete with BBQ, umbrella drinks and backyard games that are perfect for morning, noon or night.  Don’t have fabulous outdoor furniture or the greatest grill?  Like us on Facebook for an exclusive Labor Day Discount!

Throw something extra special on the BBQ for the ultimate summer sendoff. Tri-tip, fish or Portobello mushrooms are all great alternatives to the typical hot dogs and hamburgers. Wrap some corn in tin foil for easy corn on the cob or cut up some zucchini and squash for a twist on traditional summer salads. Put all your favorite fixings on a skewer for kabobs that truly fit your style: vegetarian, meat only or an even blend of peppers, onions, tofu and the meat of your choice. With all these fixings, there is sure to be something for everyone! Beat the summer doldrums by cooking up a BBQ feast that is just your taste. Don’t have a BBQ yet? Our wide variety of styles and sizes are sure to suit your needs whether you need a full scale backyard entertainment unit, or simply a small grill suitable for a balcony or patio.  Finance your new outdoor accoutrements with ease by liking us on Facebook for a Labor Day Discount!

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Labor Day Weekend Festivities

What makes Labor Day such a great holiday is that it is one of the rare holidays where you know exactly which day of the week it will fall on, a Monday, which is quite the added bonus to what is usually a two day weekend. This September 7th, with some creative thinking you can add some spice to your typical bbq, or make your beach or park outing into a memorable event.


Rather than your just winging a backyard BBQ with friends or family that may “stop by”, plan out a themed event such as “Tiki Totem Party” or “Tropical Labor Day Getaway.” The idea of throwing an organized party may seem like a lot of work, but a little pre-thought can actually help in many ways. By officially inviting guests and planning an event, guests are more likely to commit to the time and event, which also provides you with a good idea of how many people to provide food and drinks for. Your theme could also be a potluck which would relieve a lot of the preparation work from you, and also allow for a variety of tasty items from all your guests. Having guests show up in themed wear such as Hawaiian shirts or Sarongs will add life to the event and will help in bringing everyone together in the festivities.

Decorating does not necessarily require a big budget or weeks of setting up. Decorative items such as Tiki statues, bamboo fencing, or thatch, instantly add a dash of tropical flavor to any setting, without requiring much installation and once the event is over, the same décor can still be used for your home and garden. Table cloths, napkins and disposable cups and plates are inexpensive ways to add color to your table setting and compliment your theme.
For entertainment, you can play island music in the background, have a Tiki Bar set up serving drinks, or even add in some games.

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