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Use Bamboo Fencing Indoors

Most of us think of bamboo as an “outside only” decorative device. However, with a little creativity and some DIY know-how you can use bamboo fencing and bamboo borders indoors for a resort style home whether you are out enjoying the sunshine or in hiding from a storm. Here are a few tips to give inspire and guide you:

Form and Function.

Obviously, you must first decide what look and feel best suits your tastes. Bamboo is perfect for creating an authentic island getaway or just for splashing touches of the tropics around your home. For example, if you are striving for a tropical hut-like atmosphere, consider covering an entire wall or ceiling with rolled bamboo fencing. Only choose one wall or the ceiling, too much covering will make the room feel smaller; plus it will take as much as 4 inches out of a rooms open space.
If you are simply adding some tropical accents, consider using parts of a bamboo fence as shutters as opposed to traditional blinds over a window. To do this, attach the fence piece to the outside of the window frame for more privacy or the inside frame to allow more light to penetrate.

Divide the Space. Use a fence to create a border, divider or hiding space. Literally fence off your work space to physically separate home and work or cover an unsightly air conditioner or furnace. Short bamboo fences or bamboo borders work well in small spaces like bathrooms while taller fences make great room dividers.


Easy Maintenance. When using bamboo indoors, there is no need to keep the bamboo from touching the floor (as with outdoor fencing) and the attachment does not have to be as secure, as there is no wind or rain to worry about. The color of the bamboo will not fade if it is not placed in direct sunlight so the overall effect will make a lasting impression for years to come.

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Restore Your Bamboo to Its Original Color

Summertime is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting our outdoor space ready for entertaining. In the previous years, you may have purchased, built or installed a bamboo fence to add a tropical flare to your backyard. However, over the past season perhaps this once tan or cedar colored fence has weathered to a silvery gray and perhaps this new “worn in” color does not match your island themed perceptions. Not to worry, bamboo can be easily restored to close to its original color with a few quick steps.

First of all, it is not recommended to stain bamboo until at least after its first season of weathering. The waxy cellulose fibers that cover the cane do not absorb stains or seals very well; the stain requires a grittier texture to adhere to. If desired, you can sand new bamboo with sandpaper and then apply stain; use lower grit sandpaper for a more thorough application. After sanding, be sure to wipe the bamboo clean with a tack cloth or rag.
To stain, dip a rag or a sponge into the stain, seal or varnish and apply directly to the bamboo. Before the liquid dries on the bamboo, wipe it off with a clean rag. Allow the stain to dry and gently sand the surface to ready it for another staining. Repeat until the color is to your liking.

To avoid weathering you will need to repeat the sealing/waterproofing process up to annually. This will also protect against rotting, water damage and bug infestation. However, if you don’t mind the silvery gray weathered color, no maintenance is required for a bamboo fence to last multiple seasons – given correct installation and appropriate climate.

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Tips to Create a Backyard X-Scape

Transforming your backyard into a tropical escape from reality doesn’t have to be a monumental and intimidating project. A few simple tips can save you time, energy and headaches.

First of all, calculate the space you have to work with. This will keep you from buying too much outdoor furniture or too many accents.

Secondly, select a focal point or area. This can be a central location for serving drinks and food, like a tiki bar, a place to sit and talk or eat, like a patio set or a place to play like a pool, hot tub or outdoor swing. The focal point is where you will spending the most time and should be considered highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. We recommend eco-friendly outdoor furniture options like a bamboo tiki bar to provide a setting for entertaining or a thatch umbrella kit with furniture for relaxing under. These items don’t have to take up too much space, require little upkeep, are eco-friendly and provide an interesting visual scene.

Next comes the decorating. Remember that with accessories, usually less is more. You want to keep your outdoor escape simple and inviting. Bamboo rugs are an affordable accent and bamboo fencing is extraordinarily versatile, durable and visually appealing. A bamboo fence can be used indoors and out and can therefore extend the look of your home to the backyard. Use a bamboo or reed fence outdoors to cover an old fence, create a privacy screen or add shade to a patio. Thatch can also be used to create shade and provide insulation to an outdoor room.

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