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Decorating a Small Space


The sentimental saying “Home is Where the Heart is” holds such truth especially when it comes to personalizing and dressing up the place you live in. Whether your home is a house with a back yard, an edgy loft or an uptown studio, style and décor are never limited by spatial boundaries.
There are common misconceptions that in decorating small spaces, almost everything has to be kept minimal and walls should be plain and white to make the space look larger. The truth is contrasting colors, textures and well selected pieces can expand your space into a vast area. The advantage to decorating apartments, lofts and studios is that since you are working with a more limited space and key items make a world of difference, a smaller budget can go a long way.

The Beginning Steps

Just like starting a painting on a canvas it is easier to start with a blank page then try to re-work an already painted piece. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything you may already have, but before designing, de-clutter as much as possible. Sort out items such as picture frames, vases, candles, lamps or furniture you may want to keep and re-use. This will also help in deciding the theme to your space.

Color Choices

The old saying of keeping your walls white to increase space is a myth! There are no rules when it comes to selecting the colors for your space. Start by planning your color placement on your walls first. Lighter colors opposing light sources (windows) and/or darker walls visually open up an environment. Keep your palette choices to sharper more saturated colors. Dull colors, even when in lighter shades, can diminish the liveliness of an area. If your apartment happens to have a hallway or walkway painting it a darker color than the room it leads into can make the room appear bigger.

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