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How to Care for Your Tiki Statue

Extending from Polynesian culture, Tiki statues have a magical way of adding island flavor and charm to any tropical design.  Had crafted from authentic Coco Palm trees, each statue is made to represent and house different spirits to spread good luck, love, fortune and even protection.

Even though Tiki statues are durable and weather resistant their look can change as a result of the environment they are kept in.  Here are some helpful recommendations to help keep your Tiki in top condition.


Just like any organic wood, elements such as rain, snow and sun will alter how the surface of how your Tiki looks.  For areas with lots of rain, try placing your Tiki on top of a surface that does not house that much moisture, such as concrete or a stepping stone.  You can also apply a water sealant such as “CWF”, that will help in preserving your Tiki’s color, and also give it a deeper finish.

Constant sunlight may cause your statue to fade or dry out.  Mineral oils will not only help clean your Tiki but also prevent the surface from drying out and fading too much.


Because Tiki statues are hand carved, no two are alike.  Each variation in the Tiki statue contributes to what makes it unique.  If you wish to further accent certain details of your Tiki, you can use a propane torch to subtly flame the surface until you reach your desired darkening.  Remember that your Tiki is made of a wood, so it can burn.  If your Tiki does not have color, you can pick up a thick wood paint from any home improvement store.  This is where your creativity is free to explore.

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How to Maintain and Care for Your Fountain


There are many joys when it comes to the owning a water fountain. Water features have been used for centuries to adorn courtyards belonging to royalty or accent government establishments. Today, fountains and water accents provide a design and decorative essence in homes, gardens, corporate structures, landmarks and more. There is a certain calmness that flows with the sound of water and that serenity continues to emanate into the surrounding environment.
Whether your fountain is planned for indoor or outdoor use, with a few simple efforts, your fountain can run smoother, cleaner and provide any space with beauty and elegance for ages.

Once You Get Your Fountain
When shopping for a fountain, you want to have a good idea as to the space that this structure will occupy. This will help determine the size, water capacity, and preparation needed. Depending on whether your fountain will need to be mobile, you can then decide on a fiberglass or concrete one. Concrete or stone fountains are much more durable when it comes to handling the outdoor elements such as heat and snow.
Once you have your fountain selected and ready for installation, you want to ensure that the floor where the fountain is sitting on will not be damaged by humidity, condensation or water splashes.
When filling your fountain you want the water level to be no higher then a ½” below the basin rim, and no less than halfway full in the basin. Maintaining proper water levels will ensure the correct flow and life of your water pump.
Before turning on your fountain, wet the surface that the water will flow upon. This will break the surface tension to reduce splashing and promote a consistent path flow.
To control splashing or water flow, adjust your water pump or ensure that your fountain is perfectly leveled.

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Decorating a Small Space


The sentimental saying “Home is Where the Heart is” holds such truth especially when it comes to personalizing and dressing up the place you live in. Whether your home is a house with a back yard, an edgy loft or an uptown studio, style and décor are never limited by spatial boundaries.
There are common misconceptions that in decorating small spaces, almost everything has to be kept minimal and walls should be plain and white to make the space look larger. The truth is contrasting colors, textures and well selected pieces can expand your space into a vast area. The advantage to decorating apartments, lofts and studios is that since you are working with a more limited space and key items make a world of difference, a smaller budget can go a long way.

The Beginning Steps

Just like starting a painting on a canvas it is easier to start with a blank page then try to re-work an already painted piece. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything you may already have, but before designing, de-clutter as much as possible. Sort out items such as picture frames, vases, candles, lamps or furniture you may want to keep and re-use. This will also help in deciding the theme to your space.

Color Choices

The old saying of keeping your walls white to increase space is a myth! There are no rules when it comes to selecting the colors for your space. Start by planning your color placement on your walls first. Lighter colors opposing light sources (windows) and/or darker walls visually open up an environment. Keep your palette choices to sharper more saturated colors. Dull colors, even when in lighter shades, can diminish the liveliness of an area. If your apartment happens to have a hallway or walkway painting it a darker color than the room it leads into can make the room appear bigger.

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How to Care for Your Bamboo


Durability, a natural aesthetic and versatility to compliment almost any environment or décor are a few of the features that make Bamboo such an ideal building material. Bamboo fencing in particular can conveniently cover an old fence, accent a wall, or serve as a gate to separate varying spaces. With a little creativity, accurate measurements and basic tools, you can use utilize the benefits of bamboo for almost any function.
Although bamboo has a natural protective coating, and depending on what type you purchase, it could also have a varnish or stain on it, just like any natural material, there are steps you can take to care for, treat and help prolong the life of your building material.
Whether you are interested in enhancing, treating, or restoration techniques, here are some convenient and effective ways to help you garner the most use and extend the life of your bamboo.

What to do when first purchasing your bamboo

Before purchasing your Bamboo, you want to have an idea of what it’s uses will be. The best color for outdoor use is “The Natural” lightest color or the Natural Black, if the fence is going to be exposed to natural elements.  Mahogany can be used outdoors if not kept in direct sunlight, as the color will fade.  Tokin Bamboo has been used for thousands of years as a construction material in Asia, so when your bamboo is treated and cared for, it can last decades for many uses.

Cleaning Bamboo

Proper care for your bamboo will help maintain the color and look of it. To clean your bamboo and remove any dirt or environment stains:
• Wash with soap or detergent and water, and rinse with a pressure wash.
• Before applying any water sealants or protectants, ensure your bamboo is completely dry.
• A good powerwash is recommended atleast once a year.

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Home Remedies for Pest Control

In addition to longer days and warmer temperatures, summer seems to also bring out a lot of un-welcomed pesky visitors in and around your home. Insects seek refuge from the heat and can find a world of resources and food supply in your home. Chemical pesticides are available to take care of these invaders but can also be harmful to the environment, you, your children or pets. Just like natural homemade cleaners, there are also green and safe ways to help take care of insects in your home. Here are some things you can do and natural ingredients you can use to help deter and remove common household bugs.


In any efforts of deterring insects, one of the things that have to be done first is removing any attractants. Ants are usually in search of food and water. Clean up floors and counters of any crumbs or food stains. Water sources such as faucet drips, left out cups of water or soaking dishes will also invite ants, so be sure to keep things dry or sealed. Here are some more tips if you already have an ant problem.

– Cucumbers, especially bitter ones, are a natural repellent to ants. Cut slices of the cucumber and skin to leave at points of entry or along their pathways.
– Leave garlic cloves or mint tea bags at highly active areas.
– At night for areas of high ant activity, leave a low wattage night light on. The change in light patterns can help discourage their rummaging patterns.

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Decorating in a Day – 5 Steps to Brightening Your Backyard

Some of the greatest things about summer include longer sunny days and spending time enjoying life with those we love. Summer getaways are grand but arranging the time and budget can be another job in itself. What if you could have your own stay-cation this summer, where you could create a little bit of paradise right in your own backyard? The common obstacles that come up when it comes to re-decorating or sprucing up a space are time and money.

Just like the cooking shows that show you how to make meals with five ingredients or less, or in fewer than 30 minutes, we wanted to apply that same formula to decorating your backyard. There are five simple things that you can do, in less than a day, to brighten up your backyard and turn it into a place where you can escape from the rest of the world.


1) Cozying Up Your Patio
Being that your patio is the first thing you set foot upon when you walk into your backyard, it’s also the best place to start decorating. Your patio plays a big part in landscaping as it sets and starts the atmosphere for the rest of your yard. It is also a central gathering place where you and your family spend time. Accessorizing your patio with decorative art pieces such as tiki statues or a tiki bar, instantly transform the look of a space into a fun island theme. Accessories such as hanging art, wind chimes and vibrant colored throw pillows can also help paint some life into a dreary patio setting. Got some old patio furniture? Rather than spending a lot of money on new furniture, try restoring the pieces you have with some paint and accents. An old concrete table can be restored into a beautiful mosaic table with some old tile pieces.

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How to Create Your Own Backyard Tropical Paradise


Often time’s people get intimidated about landscaping or tackling a project, but creating a tropically themed backyard can actually be fun and easy.

Backyard furniture can add life and style to any backyard. One of the first ways to get started is by first evaluating the size of the space being enhanced and then an area of focus. This area of focus could be a patio, a relaxing area of the yard, a rock garden or even the center of the yard. Once this area has been designated, the rest of the design process can easily flow from one point to the next, rather than randomly placing items. The key to a successful landscape is having a fluid visual movement within the space. Using Patio furniture is a great way of adding style to a garden. Some perfect items that can instantly add dynamic to a backyard and create that visual focus includes a FountainTiki Bar, Tiki statue, Palapa or Thatch Umbrella or even a garden bench.


Another key element in creating a tropical backyard is adding exotic vegetation such as palm trees and tropical flowers. The lush environment and vibrant colors will emanate a warm and inviting feel.

Once you have the greenery and focus point, accessorizing is all you need to do next. Items such as bamboo poles, borders and rugs are the perfect accents to fill garden areas or line your patio floor. If you have an industrial or wooden fence that needs replacing or work, an economical way to instantly give your fence a face-lift and brighten your yard is by using bamboo fencing.


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